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X-Factor (1st series) #203

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Marrow was originally supposed to have the codename "Sheathe" but the editors nixed it because they thought it had a too heavy sexual overtone. - Submitted by Binaryan

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Author : Milleniumcyke and Peter Luzifer Last Modified : Aug 31, 2007

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When an insectoid race discovered the Panoptichron, a crystal palace outside of regular space and time with machinery to observe all the different realities, they accidentally damaged the timestream. As a result, several worlds have been altered and ripples in time cascade from one reality to the next, endangering the multiverse as a whole. Unable to repair the damages themselves, the Timebreakers gathered the Exiles, a team of X-related characters, each plucked from a different timeline. Disguised as the mysterious “Timebroker,” the insectoids lied to the team, claiming that their becoming unhinged of time was due to their homeworld having been altered and that working along was the only way to ensure their safe passage home. In actuality, though, the Timebreakers merely recruited those individuals they considered most suited for the group’s dangerous missions. Eventually, the Exiles saw through the deception and took over the crystal palace. However, they found too much has happened in the meantime for them to simply return home. Instead, the team continues to hop from one reality to the next, trying to undo whatever has gone wrong. The Exiles are the perfect mix of the TV shows Sliders and Quantum Leap, and Marvel‘s What If ? series.

Regular Creative Team: Chris Claremont (writers), Clayton Henry, Jim Calafiore (pencilers)

Current Team Members

Blink (Clarice Ferguson)
Powers: manifests spatial-shearing ability as teleportation portals or energy shafts focused on her javelins that displace objects upon contact, either teleporting them away or disrupting them on a molecular level

  • Blink is from the timeline known as the Age of Apocalypse.
  • In the main Marvel Universe, Blink is dead. She sacrificed her life in order to save a group of mutant her own age, who founded Generation X after her death.
  • Despite the fact that the Tallus is worn by Sabretooth, Blink is the Exiles‘ leader.

  • Sabretooth (Victor Creed)
    Powers: accelerated cellular regeneration gives him superhuman strength, speed, endurance, reflexes and resistance to physical injury, expands his perceptions to give him animal-like senses, and grants him an accelerated healing factor that can stave off poisons, suppress the aging process and repair damages cells and tissue within minutes, razor sharp finger claws

  • Sabretooth is from the Age of Apocalypse, just like Blink. In fact, he was a father figure to her, having rescued when she was still a child and raising her to be an X-Man just like he.
  • Originally, Sabretooth was put among Weapon X, another group of reality-hopping heroes.
  • Sabretooth currently wears the Tallus, and as such is the only one to be in contact with mission control, Heather Hudson.

  • Longshot
    Powers: synthetic humanoid possessing a hollow bone structure and enhanced muscle tone that grant superhuman agility and reflexes, probability manipulation powers that constantly alter the flow of chance in his favor when carrying out selfless acts, and a psychometric sense that enables him to read psychic imprints of other people off of material objects, feeling any thoughts or emotions they had when previously in contact with the item, and then perceive the future by sensing additional impressions left on the object by a person sometime after the present, carries throwing knives and grappling wire

  • Longshot is an artificially created being from the Mojoverse.
  • In the past, he was a member of the X-Men, and he is the husband of Alison Blaire, aka Dazzler, who currently considers him dead.
  • Time and again, Longshot has led a rebellion against Mojo, the mad ruler of the Mojoverse, and more than once did he win, only to be later beaten again. Whenever he was captured by Mojo’s forces, Longshot’s memories were erased, causing him to forget his previous attempts to rebel or his experiences with the X-Men.

  • Spider-Man (Dr. Miguel O’Hara)
    Powers: genetically engineered with arachnid-based superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, and leaping ability, accelerated vision, molecular-edged talons for offensive use or climbing walls, and the ability to spin and expel organic webbing from his forearms, costume's aero-cloth can be used for short-range gliding

  • Spider-Man is not from the true 2099 future timeline, but from a slightly different version of it.
  • In his own reality, Miguel was a scientist.
  • One of his reasons to join the Exiles was that his secret identity was blown during their battle with Proteus, which would have led to him being hunted down as soon as the team would have left the timeline.

    ”Morph” / Proteus (Kevin MacTaggert)
    Powers: sentient energy being sustained within a human host body, capable of releasing his energy in order to alter the fabric of reality around him, letting him levitate, travel across dimensional barriers, sense various forms of energy, probe mental or digital sources of information, and distort, animate, or transmute matter and energy, currently housed in the body of Morph, an omnimorphic shape-shifter able to completely rearrange the structuring of his body‘s molecules, enabling him to assume any solid physical form imaginable, without regard to his personal mass, internal organs, or aesthetic appearance

  • Proteus, aka Kevin MacTaggert died in Uncanny X-Men #128, and was later resurrected and bonded with Piecemeal in Uncanny X-Men Annual #15. He committed suicide in X-Factor Annual #6, preferring the nothingness of death to life. However, he was one of many beings resurrected by the Scarlet Witch's reality wave during the House of M. Because of the reality-hopping he did with the Exiles' World Tour, Proteus survived being reverted back to dead in House of M #8 with the rest of that reality.
  • Proteus is responsible for the death of Mimic, a founding member of the Exiles and Blink’s lover, as he possessed him and wore his body until it had been drained of all it’s life-force.
  • Currently, Proteus has been behavior-modified to believe he is his current host, Morph, as of Exiles #82.
  • Though looking the part, Morph is not the version of the Age of Apocalypse.
  • In his own timeline, Morph was a member of the New Mutants, the X-Men and even the Avengers.
  • Morph’s mother died of lung cancer when he was thirteen.

  • Psylocke (Elisabeth "Betsy" Braddock)
    Powers: psychic mind altered to produce telekinetic energies, allowing her to levitate and manipulate matter with her mind, propel herself through the air, project protective force screens, alter her molecular structure to render herself invisible and generate focused energy blades that can sever the bonds between molecules and disrupt neural relays; immunity to all forms of telepathy

  • Psylocke was pulled from her native reality, Earth 616, the main Marvel Universe, during a battle with the dark X-Men and a Shadow King-controlled Charles Xavier.
  • For a short time, betsy assumed the mantle of Captain Britain, until her eyes were stabbed out by the Slaymaster. She was later given bionic eyes by Mojo.
  • Originally of British descent, Betsy’s traded bodies with an Asian assassin named Kwannon, gaining the other woman’s skills in martial arts in the process.

  • Supporting Cast

    Thunderbird (John Proudstar)
    Powers: superhuman strength, speed, endurance, reflexes, and durability, morphs into an enhanced battle form with additional strength and resilience, serrated spikes and ridged spines on his skin, hooved feet, and an overall altered appearance

  • Thunderbird was a founding member of the Exiles.
  • In his own reality, Thunderbird was captured by Apocalypse and transformed into one of his Horsemen.
  • He was rendered comatose and brain-dead in a fight against Galactus and was placed inside the crystal wall in the Panoptichron where he is slowly recuperating.

  • Roma
    Powers: inherent mystical potential including clairvoyance, astral projection, teleportation, telepathy, energy discharging, temporal manipulation, etc.

  • Roma is the omniversal guardian, from her floating citadel in Otherworld, she watches over the multitude of alternate realities.
  • Together with her father, Merlin, she chooses in each reality a champion to safeguard the area of Great Britain. In the main Marvel universe this champion is Psylocke’s twin brother, Brian Braddock, aka Captain Britain.

  • Recent events (up to #95)
    The Exiles have been jumping through realities for over a year now, correcting several ripples in dozens of alternate realities; and not all of these missions have been fully documented. Already very early, the team learned of the dangers involved, as they lost one of their own in their first mission involving an evil Professor Xavier. The Exiles’ missions can be rather simple or take very long; every now and then, in between missions, they are granted some downtime to rest.

    During their time together, the Exiles experienced quite a lot and personal relationships started to form between them. Nocturne, for example, fell in love with Thunderbird and was even pregnant with his child at the time the mission against Galactus left him comatose and brain dead. A few weeks later, Nocturne revealed that she had a miscarriage, though it was hinted that, without Thunderbird, she felt incapable of keeping the baby and possibly had an abortion. Slowly but surely, Nocturne got over her grief and was back to her usual self. Eventually though, Nocturne was left behind on Eath 616 where she made new friends and came to join a group called Excalibur.

    Morph, the team’s resilient funny man, has learned the hard way that his actions have consequences, when Mojo abducted and tortured some of the team, only to force him to perform in the Mojoverse’s TV programs. The lesbian Sunfire, Morph’s closest friend among the group, was killed during a fight and for a while, Morph blamed one of his teammates for her death, though eventually forgave him. At one point, Morph was given the chance to return home but he refused, feeling obliged to the team.

    Two other members to fall in love with each other were Mimic and Blink, the team’s leader. It was a relationship with many ups and downs, always some obstacle getting in the way of the pair, be it some infection with a techno-organic virus or a Brood egg, them withdrawing from each other because of having been forced to kill, or Blink’s extended absence from the team when she was “rewarded” and “sent home”, only to be pulled back by the “Timebroker” when she was needed again.

    Her strange return was just another oddity when it came to the mysterious behavior of the “Timebroker”. Despite his claim to be just a product of the Exiles’ collective consciousness, he acted rather manipulative. This all culminated when Blink’s surrogate father Sabretooth joined the group and the Tallus informed Blink that their next mission was to kill one of their own - Mimic. The team openly rebelled against the Timebroker’s orders and managed to pinpoint the location of the dimension where the Tallus’ transmissions were coming from. Teleporting to these coordinates, Blink took the team to the Panoptichron, a crystal palace outside space and time, where they learned the truth about the Timbreakers.

    The Exiles not only discovered their former members stuck in a crystal wall but also came face to face with their former enemy, an evil Hyperion, who had taken over the palace and was trying to cause dissention among the Exiles. A fight ensued and things looked rather grim with most of the Exiles ending up critically injured or killed, until they used the Panoptichron’s equipment to recruit two Hyperions from other alternate realities, who then helped to banish the evil one to his homeworld – a nuclear wasteland where everyone but him was dead. Following that adventure, the Exiles took over the Panoptichron, with the depowered Sasquatch, Heather Hudson, familiarizing herself with palace’s vast computer system to serve as the Exiles’ missions control.

    The team stumbled right into the altered reality of the House of M, where they happened upon the dangerous mutant Proteus, who was able to reach into the Tallus, thus learning of the numerous other realities out there. Metal being the only thing being capable of harming Proteus, the team counted on Mimic’s Colossus power. However, having vowed to never kill, he hesitated too long, and ended up as Proteus next host. Somehow the villain escaped into the multiverse, leaving the puzzled Exiles behind, who immediately started to track down Proteus/Mimic.

    The villain led them on a World Tour, traveling from one reality to the next. He soon wore out Mimic’s body and switched to new hosts, picking stronger individuals each time. In an alternate version of the so-called “New Universe”, Proteus possessed Justice, and his next host body was the Hulk from a variation of the “2099 Future”. After a detour through the “Squadron Supreme” Earth, he made his way to the “Future Imperfect”, where he tried to take over the Maestro, only to end up in Morph’s body. Turned out that this body was the perfect host for Proteus, as Morph’s unique body would not burn out and wither away from hosting Proteus’ energy form.

    The entire time, the Exiles were hot on his trail, gaining new members along the way. Spider-Man 2099 joined when Proteus exposed his secret identity to the huge corporates ruling the planet. The Squadron Supreme‘s Power Princess saw it as her personal duty to accompany the Exiles to make sure they wouldn’t mis-use the Panoptichron’s equipment. Deciding that the team needed an advantage, heather Hudson struck a deal with Mojo. In exchange for him getting life-feed on the Exiles’ adventures and the realities they visit, the team got Longshot as an additional member, his luck powers and his metallic throwing blades being a valuable assents against Proteus.

    The big showdown occurred on the “Heroes Reborn” Earth. Proteus rampage through five different realities had caused so much damage to the multiverse, that the manifestations of the cosmic entities Chaos and Order were willing to sacrifice the entire planet to get rid of him, but the Exiles came up with a different solution. They tricked Proteus into donning a crown that had a behavior-modifier hidden inside, brainwashing him into only accessing Morph’s memories, as such making him believe that he actually is Morph. While this move ended the threat Proteus posed, at least for the time being, the Exiles are somewhat anxious around “Morph” now, unsure how to deal with brainwashed villain in their midst. Regardless, they returned to their base of operations and decided to move on and continue their mission of correcting damaged timelines. However, they first arranged for their fallen teammates’ remains to be transported to their native realities for decent burials.

    Before getting back to saving the multiverse, some of the Exiles left the confines of the Palace to visit their homes. The Timebreakers were not happy with the Exiles’ priorities and when Sabretooth received a message from the Tallus that Heather’s reality was headed for disaster they thought nothing of the coincidence. After regrouping, all of the Exiles went into battle against the Russian menace Chernobog alongside Heather and her reality’s Alpha Flight. Once the Timebreakers had the Palace to themselves they contacted the Exiles and told them they were fired. The “emergency” on Heather’s world was an elaborate ruse designed by the bugs so they could take over again. Their hope was to find new Exiles who would be more dedicated to the job.

    The Timebreakers set about recruiting those mutants who were “the best at what they do” and as a result, the next Exiles team consisted entirely of Wolverine versions. Their first and only mission pitted them against Brother Mutant, an almagated Magneto, Wolverine, Mesmero, Quicksilver and Scarlet Warlock, who was bent on killing all non-mutants. During the Exiles’ initial encounter they discovered they weren’t the first batch of Wolverines to be sent by the Timebroker as dozens of brainwashed Wolvies attacked them. Logan and James Howlett of the latest incarnation managed to escape and gain access to the Crystal Palace. There they learned of the original Exiles and recruited them against Brother Mutant. Brother Mutant was summarily defeated and the Timebreakers returned all the surviving Wolverines back to their native realities.

    For their first mission back together the Exiles found themselves in space, protecting Galactus from his nefarious herald, the Silver Surfer. Next, the Exiles were lured into an elaborate ruse when another team calling themselves Exiles were discovered in another dimension. As if things couldn’t get any worse, the Exiles later found themselves faced with a cascading domino effect of crashing realities. This took a heavy toll on the team as both Blink and Spider-Man were seriously wounded and taken out of action for a while. Eventually the domino effect was thwarted, but on the very last mission something disastrous almost occurred. While the Exiles fought against the Hellfire Club, the White Queen was able to detect Proteus’ conscious inside of Morph. She would have freed him if not for Longshot’s timely reaction. Morph was left dazed, briefly speaking in a Scottish accent.

    During this time an interesting revelation was made concerning one of the original team members. Despite Thunderbird being in a coma, he still exhibited brain activity, which showed he was having dreams while stuck in the stasis wall.

    Maybe it was all the recent action or maybe she was just homesick, but Power Princess decided she had had enough and wanted to go home to her old team, the Squadron Supreme. This left the Exiles with one membership slot to fill. Heather ran some searches on the computer system looking for someone with the ability to defeat Proteus, just in case he ever gained dominance over Morph’s mind. The system spit out Psylocke of universe #616. After Heather transported Psylocke to the desert room, she found her way to the Palace. There she was convinced to aid the Exiles as three of their teammates had been brainwashed into the ranks of Hydra. Her first mission didn’t go that well as Psylocke faced her most feared opponent, Slaymaster, and also Wolverine, who stabbed her in the back nearly killing her. The timely arrival of reinforcements saved her and the entire dimension was erased shortly after. Months later the universe was reborn thanks to the magic of Reed Richards.

    The Exiles returned to the Palace some time later and found the place empty. Heather was nowhere to be found and the Bugs were missing as well. After discovering the presence of Icon, the Exiles learned Heather had thought them dead and spiraled into a drunken stupor. The Bugs ditched the Palace when they assumed Heather would never come out it. She eventually did clean herself up, but with no more will to continue the job she headed home. Blink and Morph visited Heather to let her know they were alive. They were surprised to find her very much pregnant. After confirming Heather’s inability to coordinate the team, Blink and Morph went back to the Palace. There they learned of their latest mission and everyone except for Psylocke, who was playing mission control, teleported away where they found themselves allied with the Four Fantastics led by Victor Von Doom.

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    These are Marvel’s preview texts for the next issues:
    Exiles #96 (July)
    The team may have finally found the perfect world: An Earth with no crime, hate or fear - ruled by one of the most diabolical villains of the Marvel universe: Victor Von Doom! Is this some twisted façade or have the Exiles finally stumbled on to utopia? Find out in “The Dream of Two Good Men.”
    Exiles #97 (August)
    Last we left the Exiles, they had traveled to a utopian world where Dr. Victor Von Doom - the savior of mankind - leads a team of heroes made up from Johnny Storm, Sue Storm and Bruce Banner while Reed Richards lives life as an underground fugitive who despises what has become of the world above. Now the Exiles are split in the war between the two men when a horrifying secret is revealed about the Earth’s population!
    Exiles #98 (September)
    While Psylocke and Kitty Pride are fighting off an army of intruders, the team is faced with the shocking truth of the rivalry between this Earth’s Victor Von Doom and Reed Richards. Plus, Miguel O’Hare (Spider-Man 2099) and Gwen Stacy’s relationship is taken to the edge.
    Exiles #99 (October)
    The exciting conclusion of “A Dream of Two Good Men.” The Exiles have their final showdown with Victor Von Doom’s Four Fantastic as the clock ticks for a broken dimension. Will Doom’s Earth be saved? Does it deserve to be?
    X-Men: Die By The Sword #1-2 (October)
    Psylocke’s reunion with her brother, Captain Britain, takes a turn for the worst when the diabolic minds of several of Excalibur’s greatest foes decide that one world is not enough to conquer. The Exiles and Excalibur must join forces to save crosstime before all of creation is destroyed!
    X-Men: Die By The Sword #3 (November)
    As Roma’s forces are swarmed by the evil Jaspers and his army of Furies, the Exiles struggle to help the gravely injured Captain Britain. A decision to enlist the help of an unlikely ally may be the heroes’ only hope for victory! And the reunion of Longshot and Dazzler goes horribly wrong.

    Former Members
    Not wanting to further screw up the timestream, the Timebreakers ensured that no foreign elements remained in the realities visited by the Exiles or Weapon X. Whenever a teammate got killed or was somehow separated from the group their remains were stored in a crystal wall inside the Panoptichron that acts like a stasis tube. After the Exiles took over, they investigated the bodies of their former comrades, and found some of them to be still alive. Regardless whether they were dead or alive, they arranged for most of them to be transported back home to their native realities, either to continue their lives or to receive a decent burial. Listed below are all former members of the Exiles and Weapon X, their native reality and what became of them.

    AlbertEarth 5211practically destroyed in an explosion in Exiles #86, barely survived and was transported back home
    AngelEarth 714got separated from Weapon X off-panel; was sent back to his own reality in Exiles #83 and has gone back to being a costumed crime-fighter
    BeakEarth 616quit the Exiles to be with his family again, was sent back home in Exiles #69-72, was depowered after the Scarlet Witch’s altered reality, the House of M.
    ColossusEarth 1917suffocated in Exiles #40; his body was transported home and buried in Exiles #83
    DaredevilEarth 181got separated from Weapon X off-panel; was sent back to his own reality in Exiles #83 and has gone back to working as an assassin for the Kingpin
    DeadpoolunknownSabretooth broke his neck in Exiles #13; after his healing factor kicked in he tried to take over the Crystal Palace, but was killed a second time by the female Hulk in Exiles #68
    Elsie-DeeEarth 5211blew herself up in Exiles #86 in an attempt to kill Brother Mutant
    Firestarunknownsacrificed herself in an attempt to kill Hyperion in Exiles #44, it is unknown if there were any remains of her body
    GambitEarth 371sacrificed himself in an attempt to kill Hyperion in Exiles #45; his remains were transported home and buried in Exiles #83
    HolocaustAge of Apocalypsearmor was cracked and the energy form inside completely absorbed by Hyperion in Exiles #62
    Howlett, JamesEarth 1880was returned to his native reality in Exiles #86 after the original Exiles were reinstated
    female Hulkunknowngot separated from Weapon X in Exiles #24; was sent back to her own reality where she used to be a judge in Exiles #68
    male HulkEarth 873was killed by Hyperion in Exiles #44; his body was transported home and buried by General Ross and Betty in Exiles #83
    Hyperionunknownwas killed in an explosion caused by Gambit in Exiles #45; after his body regenerated he took over the Crystal Palace, but was defeated by the Exiles and banished to his native reality - a nuclear wasteland - in Exiles #65
    Iron ManEarth 2020got separated from Weapon X off-panel; was sent back to his own reality in Exiles #83 only to be arrested for the crimes he has committed there in the past
    KaneEarth 3031was killed off-panel; his body was transported home and buried by his teammates in Exiles #83
    Loganunknownvaporized by Brother Mutant in Exiles #86
    MagikEarth 4210was killed by Hyperion in Exiles #44; her body was transported home and buried by her family in Exiles #83
    MagnusEarth 27sacrificed himself to save his teammates from an atom bomb in Exiles #2; his body was transported home and buried by his parents in Exiles #83
    NamoraEarth 2189was killed by Hyperion in Exiles #63; her body was transported home and buried by the Atlanteans in Exiles #83
    NocturneProfessor W’s X-Menwas left behind on Earth 616 to make room for the Beak in Exiles #48, has since then befriended that reality’s version of her father Nightcrawler and is a founding member of Captain Britain’s New Excalibur
    MaverickEarth 1287was killed off-panel; his body was transported home and buried Nick Fury of SHIELD in Exiles #83
    MesmeroEarth 653was killed off-panel; his body was transported home and cremated by the Weapon X program in Exiles #83
    MimicEarth 12died when Proteus possessed his body and drained away all his life-force in Exiles #71-73; in Exiles #83 Blink personally brought his body back to his homeworld to explain to his teammates how he died
    Ms. MarvelEarth 4732was killed in an explosion caused by Gambit in Exiles #45; her body was transported home in Exiles #83, to be buried after an autopsy done by her reality’s version of the Beast
    PatchEarth 181throat ripped open by Sabretooth in Exiles #86
    Power PrincessEarth 712 (Squadron Supreme)decided to return to the Squadron Supreme in Exiles #90 promising she would return if ever needed
    SasquatchEarth 3470was de-powered in Exiles #58, served as mission control until she believed the team dead and returned home in Exiles #95, was later informed otherwise but decided not to return to active duty because of her pregnancy
    SpiderEarth 15 was killed by Firestar in Exiles #44; his body was transported home in Exiles #83, to be buried in the prison graveyard
    StormEarth 23895was killed in Exiles #38; her body was transported home and buried by the Black Panther in Exiles #83
    Sunfireunknownsuffocated in Exiles #47; her body was brought to Spiderwoman’s reality for burial in Exiles #66
    Thunderbirdunknownwas rendered comatose and brain-dead in a fight against Galactus in Exiles #10; is still inside the crystal wall in the Panoptichron
    VisionEarth 10101was damaged beyond repair in Exiles #38; his remains were transported home in Exiles #83, to be buried by the Scarlet Witch
    Weapon XEarth 520jumped into a Wolverine melee in Exiles #85; his fate afterwards is unknown; he may have been killed or turned to Brother Mutant’s side
    WolverineEarth 172was killed off-panel; his body was transported home and cremated by Mariko Yashida and the Silver Samurai in Exiles #83
    Wolverine versionsvariousdozens of alternate Wolverines briefly served on the team, most of them were turned to Brother Mutant’s side, eventually freed and sent home in Exiles #86; in total seventeen Wolverines were killed, six of them having been eaten by Zombie Wolverine
    Zombie Wolverineunknownwas blown to smithereens when Elsie-Dee activated her prime directive in Exiles #86

    On the next page, you’ll find the Exiles Mission Chart documenting all the missions the team had to perform, as well as the personal changes they experienced along the way.

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