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Bizarre Adventures #27

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Wolverine‘s claws actually burst out right through his skin, not through any kind of permanent holes. His mutant healing factor heals the wounds instantly.

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X-Men Visionaries: Joe Madureira
First Published: 2000
Price: $17.95
ISBN Number: 0-7581-0748-7

Issues Reprinted: Uncanny X-Men #325-326, #329-330, and #341-343

Staff: Scott Lobdell and Jeph Loeb (Writers), Joe Madureira (Artist)

Brief Description:
This is the unbelievable world of the Uncanny X-Men as depicted by renowned artist Joe Madureira. One of the first to incorporate the Japanese style of manga into American comics, Madureira breathed new and vibrant life into the planet's most popular team of superheroes! Collected here for the first time - as though these flimsy paper covers could hold it! - is his best work: the work of a true visionary!

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