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Thor (1st series) #428

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The "X" in Weapon X is not the letter X, but actually refers to the Roman Number Ten. Itís because the Weapon X project was the tenth branch of the Weapon Plus program. [New X-men #129] - Submitted by Lawrence Wong

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New X-Men Vol. 1 (HC)
First Published: 2002
Price: $29.99
ISBN Number: 0785109641

Issues Reprinted: New X-Men #114-126, New X-Men Annual 2001

Staff: Grant Morrison (Writer); Frank Quitely, Tom Derenick, Igor Kordey and Ethan Van Sciver (Artists)

Brief Description:
Sixteen million mutants dead...And that's just the first step in Cassandra Nova's genocidal plans. With an army of evolved Sentinels primed for annihilation, Nova will stop at nothing to see every mutant exterminated from the planet.


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