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Magneto intially funded his operations with hidden Nazi Gold he and Charles Xavier "liberated" from Baron von Struckerís Hydra organization. [Uncanny X-Men #161] - Submitted by Quiksilber

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X-Nation 2099 # 5

Issue Date: July 1996

Story Title: Gimme Shelter

Staff: Ben Raab & Terry Kavanagh (writers), Eric Battle (script), Ralph Cabrera (inks), J. Babcock (letters), J. Brown (colors), Malibu (enhancements), Mark Powers (editor), Bob Harras (editor-in-chief)

Brief Description:
X-Nation has arrived back at the shelter, only to see it explode. They enter the ruins, where they find Sister Nicholasí body. Sheís barely alive and, with her final words, begs the kids to make something out of their lives. Later, the kids mourn about the Sisterís loss and try to figure out what to do next. In the Negative Zone Milk Bar, Nostromoís powers go out of control. Freaked out, he runs away, only to be lured into a trap by the Wild Boys. The rest of X-Nation see this and help their friend out. But the Wild Boys are a lot stronger than they used to be, and manage to defeat their enemies! Only Metalsmith is left standing. While the Wild Boys point their attention to him, Nostromo sees his chance and escapes. He finds Shakti, who was trying to find the kids. Nostromoís powers continue to go wild, and the boy himself continues to freak out. Shakti tries to calm him down, but canít. Suddenly, she looses X-Nationís energy signatures, which can only mean one thing: they are dead! Elsewhere on the battlefield, Exodus has arrived and managed to defeat both X-Nation and the Wild Boys. While energy floats around his body, Exodus stands triumphantly, and smiles.

Full Synopsis:
The X-Nation children all desperately try to breach through their destroyed shelter. Thereís still a fire in the place, and itís hard to get through. But thanks to some teamwork, they eventually make it. They find Sister Nicholas, whoís still barely alive. Clarion orders Twilight to use her Sphere of Influence, hoping that she can warp reality and thereby heal Nicholas. But Twilight refuses, because sheís scared since she never used her powers like that before. Nicholas is on Twilightís side and thinks itís too dangerous. She knows itís her time to go. Hearing these words, Twilight decides to go for it, no matter what.

But the Sphere is too powerful, and rips Nicholas apart. Nicholas asks Twilight to just let go. She does. With her final breath, Nicholas begs the kids to make something out of their lives, and then she dies. While they mourn about the loss, X-Nation doesnít realize that they are being watched by the Wild Boys. They plan on striking the kids again, but want to do it when theyíre the most vulnerable and out of the house.

Later, the kids remember what Nicholas has been all about, and how she influenced their lives. Twilight still feels bad for not being able to rescue Nicholas. Metalsmith notices that, and talks with Clarion about if he should walk over to her. Clarion doesnít like Metalsmith much, seeing he too likes Twilight, but despite that he tells Metalsmith to just walk over to her. Metalsmith thanks Clarion, and does so, walking away with Twilight, putting his arm around her and trying to cheer her up.

Elsewhere, Whisper gives her fellow Sisters the funeral they deserve, and burns their bodies. Whisper swears revenge, and returns back to Atlantis and plans to confront Attuma in order to do so.

Sometime later, X-Nation decides to go back to the Negative Zone Milk Bar, where they try to relax and figure out what to do next. Two minions of Warbird recognize the kids and run out of the bar. In an alley, they contact their master, who teleports his thugs out of there and prepares his next move. He swears that X-Nation shall be his!

Nostromoís powers suddenly go out of control, as his metal arm goes wild! Freaked out, the boy runs out of the bar and shuts the door behind him, so that his friends canít follow him. Once outside, the Wild Boys strike him down. X-Nation breaks through the door, and the battle begins. The Wild Boys are a lot stronger than they used to be, and manage to defeat everyone besides Metalsmith, whoís left standing. While the Wild Boys point their attention to him, Nostromo wakes up after being knocked out and sees his chance to escape.

On a rooftop, Shakti desperately tries to use her powers to locate the kids. She finds their energy signatures, but canít pinpoint them. She notices Nostromo below her, running, and calls for him. Nostromo recognizes her and lengthens his arm to the roof and grabs her! Shakti calms the boy down, but he canít since he doesnít know whatís happening to his powers. Shakti doesnít know either, but promises to find a solution.

Suddenly, she screams. X-Nationís energy signatures have vanished. And Cerebra fears that can only mean one thing: they are dead!

Exodus has arrived on the battlefield and has taken down both X-Nation and the Wild Boys. With energy flowing around his body, Exodus stands triumphantly over the kids, and smiles.

Cerebra, Clarion, December, Metalsmith, Nostromo, Twilight, Uproar, Willow, Wulff (all X-Nation)


Sister Nicholas (all Sisters of the Howling Commandments)

Shiv, Trash, Warbird (both the Wild Boys)


Fifi (Negative Zone Milk Bar waitress)

Whisperís adventures are continued in the pages of Fantastic Four 2099 #7-8.

Issue Summary written by: Homer Jay

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