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Exiles # 4

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Xavier once got a shapeshifter named Changeling to assume his identity while he secretly prepared for an alien invasion. When the Changeling died in battle, the X-Men held a funeral for their mentor. [Uncanny X-Men #42]

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X-Men 2099 # 2

Issue Date: November 1993

Story Title: Synge City Blues

Staff: John Francis Moore (writer), Ron Lim (penciler), Adam Kubert and Mike Sellers (inkers), Tom Smith (colors), Ken Lopez (letters), Joey Cavalieri (editor), Tom DeFalco (editor in chief)

Brief Description:
After escaping the mob enforcers from the Synge casino with the unexpected help of Bloodhawk, the X-men get to new hideout. The X-Men split up. Cerebra, Tim and Serpentina stay and takes care of Xiían, who is seriously injured, and whose body is mysterious wrapping itself in a cocoon. Meanstreak, Krystalin and Metalhead try to prove Xiían innocence in the murder of Noah Synge. Inisde the casino they find the needed evidence, but Metalhead and Meanstreak are captured by the Rat Pack, and Krystalin has to get out the evidence by herself. Desdemona invades the funeral of her father and annoys the people that have come to show their respect. She later tellas her brother Lytton that they now own equal shares of the casino and Lytton threatens her not to cross him. Meanwhile Junkpile tracks down the X-Men and defeats Cerebra, Tim and Serpentina. He then approaches XiíanĎs cocoon.

Full Synopsis:
In their van the X-Men escape from the Synge enforcers, while being shot at. Xiíanís consition is critical, yet without Tim he wouldnít be alive at all. They wonder why the enforcers are after them, but Krystalin knows the answer when she picks up the com-lines opf the enforcers. Noah Synge was murdered and the evidence points to Xiían. Meanstreak scouts ahead and finds a route through the tunnels, but once they make their way to the surface, the X-Menís van is surrounded by a helicopter and a tank. Unexpected help arrives in Bloodhwak, who deals with the helicopter first, making it crash and then throws a grenade to blow up the tank. Bloodhawk lands near the van and says that this is his way of repaying that Xiían sent his operatives to save him (last issue), but now that debt is paid. Cerebra fills him in on the critical condition of their leader, and that they need a place to hide. Bloodhawk offers to take them to a secure location.

Lytton Synge inspects the Arcology, the X-Menís former base. Junkpile tells him that his assassin screwed up. Lytton injects himself with another ampule of Shriek, a drug, and then sends Junkpile to find Xiían. Junkpile obviously doesnít believe that Xiían is responsible for killing Noah Synge, but has his own reasons to see Xiían dead.

Noah Syngeís funeral service is disturbed by his daughter, Desdemona, who is glad that the old man is dead. Lytton tries to shut her up, but she continues to voice her opinion on her father and verbally assaults the people who have come to show their respect.

In the safe place, Bloodhawk tells the X-Men to not overstay their welcome. The X-Men discuss Junkpileís betrayal. Shakti then calls them to see Xiían. Xiían is comatose but a protective sheath of some unknown material, according to Shakti cuticle-like, is forming around the wound and is spreading across his body. Shakti then decides that they first need to prove Xiíanís innocence, so that she can take care of him in a genuine med-lab.

In the Las Vegas-casino, Metalhead forces an enforcer to open the doors to the mortuary. Krystallin takes out the enforcers inside with a crsytal bo staff and Meanstreak locks up another employee.

Back at the hideout, Tim, Cerebra and Tina observe that Xiíanís body is now almost completely covered. Shakti explains to Timothy why everybody blames Xiían for Syngeís death. Back when XiíAn rode with the Lawless, they were offered to work as his Casino Elite, but refused. This angered Noah Synge, and becasue of being huinted by his enforcers Xiían left to Vietnam, where he sfound a new conscience and returned with a vision of post-coporate world order. He recruited people like Cerebra for his cause, and Tim was meant as their final addition. Suddenly they hear Junkpileís vehicle.

In the mortuary, Krystallin takes a tissue sample of Syngeís body and Meanstreak analyses it. It turns out that Synge was dead before being subjected to a process that simulates Xiíanís power signature. They are being watched by the casinoís elite enforcers, the Rat Pack, who then enter to take them in. The Dealer throws diamond cut razor disks at Meanstreak, but the speedster dodges them. The Suicide Kingís bullets bounce of Metalheadís skin, but Krystalinís arm turns numb when she gets hit by the electrifying toch of Mr. Entertainment. Having not enough room to maneuver, Meanstreak runs into Mr. Entertzainment and is taken out, wnd Metalhead is rendered unconscious by the Chairman. Only Krystalin manages to escape, by sealing off a hallway behind her. She knows that the evidence they found wonít menat a thing if they canít get it out of the complex.

Somewhat later, in Lyttonís office, Desdemona complains that Lytton didnít tell her about the capture of two X-Men. Since she now owns half the casino, she is interested in casino affairs. Desdemona suspects that her brother might supress evidence in their fatherís murder, and her brothers threatens her not to cross him.

Shakti tells Tim and Tina to get XiíAn to safety, while she tries to deal with Junkpile, yet her powers no longer affect him. He picked up a psionic jammer to protect himself from her. Shakti then tries to get Junkpile to leave, but he hits her. Serpentina attacks, but she is thrown of the building. Timothy blasts Junkpileís arm of him, but his arm reattaches to his body. He then chokes Timothy till he passes out, and makes his way to Xiíanís completely cocooned body.

Cerebra, Timothy Sean Fitzgerald, Krystalin, Meanstreak, Metalhead, Serpentina, Xiían Chi Xanh (all X-Men 2099)
Bloodhawk, X-Men ally

Lytton Synge, boss of Las Vegas
Desdemona Synge, his sister
Chairman, Dealer, Mr. Entertainment, Suicide King (all Rat Pack)


Issue Summary written by: David Duijsings

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