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X-Force (1st series) # 84

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Squirrel Girl never considered joining the X-Men because she was ashamed of being a mutant, instead she opted to work with Iron Man, who turned her down. [Marvel Super-Heroes (3rd series) #8] - Submitted by Jacob Rubin!!

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GeNext # 2

Issue Date: August 2008

Story Title: Datenight (1st story)

Staff: 1st storyChris Claremont (writer), Patrick Scherberger (penciler), Norman Lee (inker), Chris Sotomayor (colorist), Ed Dukeshire (letterer), Doug Alexander Gregory (cover art), Jordan D. White (assistant editor), Mark Panniccia (editor), Joe Quesada (editor-in-chief), Dan Buckley (publisher)
GeNext created by Chris Claremont & Patrick Scherberger

Brief Description:
Teammates No-Name and Pavel Rasputin are having an argument about his not taking his education seriously enough. Along the line, they begin to realize their feelings for each other. However, as they are getting closer, No-Name gets a mysterious phonecall and disappears. The others follow her and find her being threatened by a Shockwave Rider. The kids fight the Shockwave Rider and his teammates who flee when law enforcement officials come. Later, both the kids and the grown-ups wonder what is going on with No-Name of whom they have little to no background. Pavel gives No-Name a picture as a gift, which only makes her cry.

Full Synopsis:
In the garage of the Xavier Institute, Pavel Rasputin is quite comfortable spending his time fixing a car, His teammate No-Name joins him, dressed neatly in a school uniform. Sheís been looking all over for him. Itís not like heís been hiding, he retorts. Heís been here all morning, rebuilding the front axle of this truck. She knows sheís gonna regret asking, but why? Buildings-and-grounds is doing some restoration work along the lake, he explains, they are short of equipment. No-Name reminds him that this is their job which they are getting paid for. His is to go to school.

She sits down and looks through his sketch book as she reminds him he has responsibilities. And they have a tutorial. He has to get this finished, Pavel replies defensively. He gave his word. He gave his word to her too, No-Name points out sourly. Not to mention Professor Sabin. Donít they count for anything?

He supposes, Pavel admits, itís justÖ he doesnít see the point. Itís not as though he is ever going to use any of this education. And there are better things he can do with his timeÖ like finishing this.

Agitated, she asks him how he can claim this knowledge has no purpose when he is already putting it to use. Just look at what heís doing! If heís doing it, what is there to learn? He asks smiling. What he is doing is totally trial and error, she explains. Doesnít he want to know how things work or why? Canít he just trust his instincts and accept that they do? Pavel asks. He isnít curious? she wonders Not about this, no. He is learning by doing. He makes some mistakes, solves the problems himself. What she is offering is a shortcut he chooses not to take.

Angrily, she retorts she doesnít get him. Heís being selfish. Sure he can do this, but how does he pass along his skill and knowledge? Or does he want everyone to follow his lead and do it all themselves trial and error?

They might understand things better when they finish, he retorts. Would that be so bad? Then they lose on the chance to build on the work gone before! she shouts, She says thatís bad, No-Name sulks. Sometimes he makes her crazy, she sighs. But in a nice way, he hopes, Pavel jokes.

She warns him not to push his luck. In response, he grabs her and kisses her. Surprised, she breaks off the kiss. Why did he do that? Instinct, Pavel suggests. She turns away. Pavel apologizes and asks if something is wrong. Nothing, No-Name replies and leaves, adding in a small voice that he wasnít out of line.

Later, a wondering Pavel tells his two best friends Rico and Oli about the kiss. When they ask for more details, he instead replies heís asking them for help. Later, Oli is practicing martial arts with No-Nameís roommate Becka, who tells him she is clueless. Doesnít she talk to her roommate he asks and cries out the next moment as Becka gets to him with a blow. Like friends? she scoffs, and asks him to be serious. She apologizes for hitting him so hard.

Later, Pavel visits No-Name in her room with artificial flowers, not wanting to chop up real ones. So he made that as a symbol and planted seeds over in the garden. After they bloom, she can enjoy them for years. She looks outside the window and declares him nuts though she is clearly moved.

He notes what she is hiding behind her back, a self-made plushie of Pavel as Colossus. She threatens that he is dead after she gets the phone which is ringing.

A little later, Pavel has gathered his Pavel friends. Things went great, he tells them until the phone rang. She wouldnít say who the caller was and there was no number on the caller I.D. Before she would even start talking, she basically shoved him out of the door. He has this feeling that sheís going to break curfew and meet the caller in town. If she gets caught, she could be suspended, even expelled. Becka takes charge, intent on going after No-Name and bring her back. Or at least cover her back. Are they coming?

A few miles away from the school in Salem Center, No-Name almost immediately finds herself faced with trouble in the person of one of the X-Menís most formidable adversaries, a Shockwave Rider. Mockingly, he remarks that sheís become respectable. Whoever would have thought, he muses as he grabs her by the shoulders.

What is he doing here? she demands. Her life has nothing to do with them anymore. The deal was they leave her alone! He becomes nastier as he tells her time to learn some manners or sheíll make him lose his temper.

That moment, her teammates arrive. The Shockwave Rider grabs No-Name from behind and reveals that he didnít come alone. The other Shockwave Riders - mutants who use technology to enhance their power Ė attack them.

Colossus quickly jumps to the othersí defence, while Rico orders Oli to take his hand. They need to share powers to help No-Name. The transfer is intense and Rico almost falls.

Becka flies herself and Rico up, while Oli displays the starching ability he absorbed from Rico. Becka turns more feral as her lightning powers takes down one of the Ridersí flyers.

Their infrared notice the invisible Rico on another flydisk and they toss him down.

She wants to be left alone? the first Rider asks as he cruelly pulls No-Name down by her hair. Once he sends her to hell, she can be alone forever! Colossus comes attacking and orders him to let her go. He can share her fate, the villain offers as he smashes Pavel into the ground.

Suddenly, his computer warns him that Xavier Institute members, as well as federal law enforcement members, are nearby. Arrival imminent, hostile intent. Itís not fair! he shouts but finds there is no time to finish the teenagers off. He threatens that heíll have his revenge eventually before he and the Shockwave Riders evacuate.

No-Name helps Pavel up, while the other three wonder what that was about. Rico points out that clearly the Rider knew No-Name. Thatís no crime, Oli retorts, and it looked to him like she was standing up to him. He suggests they gather up the others and go home before the night gets any worse. As if on cue, they are surrounded by heavily armed federal officers.

Later. While the kids are waiting outside inside the office several Institute members, namely the principals Scott and Emma as well as Psylocke Beast and another discuss matters.

They had minimal contact with the riders over the years, considering them a low-level adversary. Their enhanced abilities are disturbing. Why are they surfacing now and what do they want? No-Name didnít run into them by accident. What do they know about her exactly?

She is a foundling, definitely a mutant but no sense yet of manifesting powers. She was in pretty rough shape when they found her, with minimal accessible memories, or so she claimed. Telepathic scans were inconclusive, Hank point out. Emma remarks that she is very good at hiding her secrets. Perhaps they should look a little harder. Scott points out that they are no longer X-Men. This is a school. At the very least they can asks questions, Emma retorts. And figure out their next move from there.

Later, Pavel stops by No-Nameís room to see if she is all right. Sheís had better days, she admits. He asks if he can help. No-Name admits he did pretty good in town against those creeps. That creep had him on the ropes, Pavel admits sheepishly. He got lucky, No-Name tells him. She just wishes fixing things was as simple. Itís not that bad, he assures her.

What if things get worse? When he doesnít react she tells him that was a joke. His family has a lousy sense of humor, he admits before nervously giving her his present he hid.

When she sees the picture, she is speechless, then runs away crying. He leaves the picture behind as he shouts that he doesnít know what has her running but he wonít let her face it alone. Heís going after her whether she wants him to or not, heís going to help!

Left behind remains the picture of a beautifully dressed No-Name in an idyllic landscape; clearly a gift of love.

Pavel Rasputin / Colossus III, Becka Munroe, No-Name, Oli Raven, Rico (all GeNext)
Beast, Cecilia Reyes, Cyclops, Emma Frost, (presumably) X-23 (all former X-Men)

Shockwave Riders

Each page includes a sketch by Pavel of the X-characters:
- Xavierís Insititute
- Wading River
- Pavelís grandmother Nereel, elected Chief of the United Clans of the Savage Land
- Becka Munroe and dinosaur in the Savage Land
- Oli Raven and his girlfriend Megan Summers
- Rico playing the guitar
- Xavierís school as seen from Breakstone Lake
- The Beast, Dean of Xavierís school
- Oli, Rico, Becka and No-Name in a snowball fight
- Nightcrawler and Nocturne the night they both won Oscars
- Gambit and Rogue
- Mystique
- X-23
- Emma Frost, as co-Head of school
- Cyclops as co-Head of School
- Phoenix
- Wolverine
- Kitty Pryde as Mayor of Chicago and Lockheed

In his sketches Hank McCoy is mistakenly referred to as Henry Pym.

The Shockwave Riders were mysterious mutants connected with the mutant offshoot species Neo.

The second story is a reprint of the story ďItís the Thought that CountsĒ from X-men Unlimited (1st series) #42.

Issue Summary written by: Ruth

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