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Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #211

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The "X" in Weapon X is not the letter X, but actually refers to the Roman Number Ten. Itís because the Weapon X project was the tenth branch of the Weapon Plus program. [New X-men #129] - Submitted by Lawrence Wong

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Wolverine Origins #49

Issue Date: August 2010

Story Title: What I Do: Part One

Staff: Daniel Way (writer), Will Conrad (art), Andy Troy (colors), VCís Cory Petit (letters & production), Jody LeHeup (assistant editor), Jeanine Schaefer (editor), Axel Alonso (group editor), Joe Quesada (editor in chief), Dan Buckley (publisher), Alan Fine (executive producer), Simone Bianchi with Simone Peruzzi (cover art)

Brief Description:
Up in British Columbia, Canada, Logan attempts to move on with his life. As he begins to build his cabin, Nick Fury arrives and they begin to talk. Fury asks Logan to work with him and his new team but Logan declines the offer. After Logan asks Fury why heís really there, he is told that heís there because itís his birthday. That night, Logan wakes up in a cold sweat. He finds that Fury is dead at the hands of Sabretooth. Sabretooth is able to defeat him and leaves him face down in the snow. Bando Saburo arrives and tells Logan to get up and build his cabin. When he does, Logan is again confronted by Sabretooth. After slicing Sabretoothís head off, Logan is sent away by Bando. An enraged Logan is then called into the woods by Romulus. Once in the woods, he is approached by Daken. In a fit of rage, Logan stabs Daken in the chest. In reality, however, it is Nick Fury.

Full Synopsis:
Up in British Columbia, Canada, Logan stands in the woods wearing plain clothes. Looking into the woods, he thinks to himself that everybodyís life moves in a circle. A circle that eventually comes Ďround to where it began. Most folks donít realize that. Most folks die before they get to where they started from. He ainít most folks. So there he is. Right back where it started.

He canít say how many times heís repeated his cycle. Back when he ran with the wolves as a child, when he first met Silver Fox, when Mariko Yashida died in his arms, and when Magneto pulled the adamantium out of his body. But he can say this, itís over. Slicing a tree down with his claws, Logan says itís time to begin a new cycle, a new life. One that he can control. One that he can live with. Itís time to let go of the past. Itís time to create something new. Something of his own. Standing in front of his cabin, Logan works on preparing the log he sliced down.

As he does so, a voice behind him tells him itís nice and cozy. Sheathing his claws, Logan asks Nick Fury what heís doing there. Fury tells him that he was about to ask him the same thing. Pointing over to the cabin, Logan says itís kinda obvious what heís doing, ainít it. Fury replies sure it is, heís hiding. When Logan begins to say ďif he was hidiní,Ē Fury cuts him off and states that he was about to say ďyouíd never find me,Ē right? But then he thought better of it. Logan tells him that assumptions can be dangerous. Fury answers that he knows but he assumes thereís a bottle of hooch in that tent.

That night, in front of the campfire, Logan and Fury share a bottle of alcohol. While they do, Logan asks Fury why heís there. Fury tells him that he wanted to ask him about a couple of things. When Logan asks what, Fury says like why heís not working with him. Logan tells him his plateís full. Fury asks if heís talkiní about X-Force. Logan says heís talkiní about everything. Fury asks Logan what about a part-time gig. Heís got some up-and-comers whoíd just love toÖ Logan cuts him off and asks Fury that he wants him to work for him? Thanks, but no thanks. Heís doiní his own thing now. Fury says all right, then.

After a few moments of silence, Logan tells Fury that he doesnít believe for a second he came all the way there to offer him a job he knew he wouldnít take so whyíd he really come there. Fury tells him that he didnít think Logan would wanna be alone. Logan says he came there to be alone. Fury adds especially today. Turning towards Fury, Logan asks whatís so special about today. Fury asks him is he serious; itís his birthday.

That night, Logan awakens from his sleep in a cold sweat. Popping the claws on his right hand, Logan exits his tent and sniffs the air. As he calls out Nickís name, he sees footprints leading out of the campsite and into the woods. While he makes his way into the woods, Logan asks himself if this is real. He canít smell anything. Is he dreaming? Hearing a snapping sound, Logan turns around. Nickís dead. He killed him. When he sees Nickís bloodied body tossed into the snow before his feet, a voice asks him if he likes it. Heís sorry he didnít have time to wrap it but itís the thought that counts, right? With that, Logan sees that the voice belongs to Sabretooth.

Shocked, Logan falls back into the snow. He tells him no. Heís not real. He killed him. This is just the programming, the Weapon X conditioning. Tryiní to reassert itself. This isnít real. As Sabretooth attacks him and slashes Logan across the throat, he asks him ďwas it ever?Ē

Just then, Logan finds himself in his bed and is confused. He tells himself to relax and breath. Heís just goiní through programming withdrawals. He has to stay strong. Heís been goiní through the same repeated motions for almost a century but he has to stop and not let it take him again. He needs to keep fighting but wonders aloud what heís fighting for. Ripping through the tent, Sabretooth tells him itís because itís what he does. Continuing his vicious assault on Logan, Sabretooth says itís what he is. Itís all he is. Heís the only part oí him thatís real. Everything else is just a dream. With that, Logan is lying face down in the snow, beaten and bloodied.

At that moment, Bando Saburo appears and tells Logan to get up. He is not a dog. He does not sleep on the ground like a dog. He is a man and this will be his home. But first, he must build it. Standing up, Logan tells Bando that he will do his best. Carrying a torch, Sabretooth tells Logan no he wonít. Heíll do what he always does and Sabretooth will do what he always does.

Enraged, Logan attacks Sabretooth and yells at him that he wonít let him take this away from him. Slashing away at Sabretooth, Logan exclaims not again. He wonít be controlled. Once he chops Sabretoothís head off, the head tells him he already is and he always will be. Standing up, Logan is surrounded by a number of Bandoís followers. Turning around, Logan sees Itsu and begs her to forgive him. A skeletal Itsu replies that he cannot, she is dead.

As Logan unleashes his frustration and roars like an animal, a voice from the shadows, in fact Romulus, asks him when he is going to stop believing their lies. He is not a man. He never was. He knows what he is. And so does he. He then tells Logan to follow him into the darkness. Growling Romulusí name, Logan rushes into the woods. There, he finds his son Daken, who tells him that this is the father heís always wanted. Facing his son, Logan tells him that he shouldnít be there. Daken replies that he agrees. Heís spent enough time in the dark, hidden away. Decades. Waiting.

After Logan says ďtoo dangerousÖĒ Daken laughs. He then asks Logan if he thinks that world of his threatens him. Itís not even real. Itís a lie, passed on from one generation of weaklings to the next. Logan tells him no. Daken is too dangerous. Slashing away at Daken, Logan growls that heís the besst there iss at what he does. And what he does issnít pretty! With that, Logan stabs Daken in the chest. In reality, however, itís Nick Fury.

Nick Fury

In Loganís thoughts:
Bando Saburo and his followers

Logan ran through the woods with the wolves as a young child as depicted in Wolverine (2nd series) #25.

Logan held Mariko Yashida as she died back in Wolverine (2nd series) #57.

Magneto ripped the adamantium out of Logan back in X-Men (2nd series) #25.

Not only does Logan work with X-Force, but he is also a member of Avengers, New Avengers, and X-Men.

Nick Fury leads a team named the Secret Warriors. The team is comprised of Nick Fury, Quake, Phobos, Slingshot, Hellfire, Stonewall, and Eden Fesei.

Loganís relationship and exile from Bando Saburoís village and Itsu was depicted back in Wolverine (3rd series) #37-40.

Logan sliced Sabretoothís head off back in Wolverine (3rd series) #55.

This Issue has been reprinted in:
Wolverine: The Reckoning (Trade Paperback)

Issue Summary written by: Wendigo (David M.)

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