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Bishop # 4

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Marrow was originally supposed to have the codename "Sheathe" but the editors nixed it because they thought it had a too heavy sexual overtone. - Submitted by Binaryan

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Author : Peter Luzifer, Ruth and BinaryanLast Modified : May 30, 2005

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Presenting the image of being a stern teacher, Xavier made the young X-Men face a rigorous training regime and had them face dangerous situations, their first foe being Magneto, who would also prove to be their most regular opponent. While they faced him alone in their first battle, in later occasions Magneto was accompanied by his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. It was just like Xavier had feared - not only he had gathered young, promising mutants around himself, his old friend had done the same. This prompted Xavier to demand complete obedience from his students and, like a drill sergeant, he molded the five teens into an effective fighting force. In truth he cared about his students a lot, especially about Jean, whom he secretly loved for some time. Charles wasnít above entering the fray himself with his mental power, such as when his students were unable to lay a hand on the teleporting villain, the Vanisher. [X-Men (1st series) #1-6, 11]

Things turned personal for Xavier when his stepbrother returned, transformed into the mighty Juggernaut and bent on revenge. The Juggernaut was invulnerable and unstoppable and, unfortunately, knew exactly where Xavierís mansion was located. Cain Marko easily dealt with all defensive systems that Xavier had installed, and not even the mansionís Danger Room, where the X-Men used to train, could keep him contained for long. When the telepath tried to use his mental powers on his stepbrother, it turned out that the helmet of the Juggernautís armor shielded him from such attacks. Only after the X-Men, along with the help of the Human Torch, managed to remove the helmet could the misguided Cain Marko be telepathically knocked out. [X-Men (1st series) #12-13]

When anthropologist Bolivar Trask made the Ēmutant problemď public again, Xavier tried to deter the coming anti-mutant hysteria by facing Trask in a TV debate. However, Xavier came across rather stiff and arrogant, and the audience didnít respond to his arguments very well. Instead of solving the problem, Xavier became witness to how Traskís creations, mutant-hunting Sentinel robots, started terrorizing mutants before the X-Men managed to beat them. Trask saw the error of his way, but not early enough. The damage was done, the Sentinels had been released, and when Trask tried to stop them, he was killed by his own creations, who had just one goal in mind - the extermination of mutants. Although the X-Men got lucky this time, the Sentinels were born and their technology would be further improved and used by other factions, who would send the mutant-hunting robots after the mutants again. [X-Men (1st series) #14-16]

Within a few months, it was clear to Charles that in Scott Summers he had a great leader among his X-Men. After naming the teen his second-in command, Charles filled Cyclops in on some of the mansionís secrets, like how to operate Cerebro, the mutant-tracking device, before taking some personal time away from his students. However, the professor didnít go on some holiday trip, he traveled to the Balkans in Europe in search of Lucifer. Once he had found the villainís new base, Xavier asked his X-Men to follow him, and again the alienís plans were thwarted. However, the aliens had already built another base, this time in the Midwestern area of the United States, and were about to start invading Earth. With Professor Xavier falling into the villainís hands, the planetís fate was left to his students. As Lucifer was defeated a third time, his superior, Dominus, had enough of him and summoned him and all alien equipment inside the base back to their homeworld. [X-Men (1st series) #7-9, 20-21]

That Professor Xavier was someone who believed in second chances became apparent with the next X-Man to join the group. Calvin Rankin, aka the Mimic, had originally only joined the X-Men to get close enough to them to copy their powers. A few months after his betrayal, though, he made up his mind and joined the X-Men a second time. While he still displayed a rather arrogant attitude, Xavier sensed that the Mimicís wish to help the X-Men was genuine this time. Not much later, though, Calvin lost his mimicking powers in battle against the Super-Adaptoid and left the group. [X-Men (1st series) #19, 27-29]

Charles also tried to cure his stepbrother of the Cyttorak curse. During the experiment, though, Charles Xavier was hit by an energy feedback and rendered comatose, and some of his mental might was transferred to Cain Marko, who broke free and escaped. While the X-Men followed the rampaging Juggernaut, and eventually banished him to another dimension, the mansion was left unguarded. Operatives of the mysterious group called Factor Three used this to their advantage, as they kidnapped the comatose Professor from the infirmary. [X-Men (1st series) #32-33]

Fortunately, Xavier had trained his X-Men well and, although it took them several days, they eventually managed to track down Factorís Three hideout in Central Europe. The group turned out to be several evil mutants the X-Men had fought before, all gathered by the so-called Mutant Master. At first hopelessly outclassed, the tides turned when the Mutant Master was revealed as a Sirian alien, who wanted to prepare Earth for the invasion of his race. In the aftermath of this victory, Xavier proudly declared that the X-Men had fully graduated, gave them individual uniforms and allowed them to work more independently. [X-Men (1st series) #35-39]

Sensing a danger from the stars, another dangerous race, called the ZíNox, planning to invade Earth, the professor knew that he needed some time alone to prepare for the menace. He awakened Jean Greyís slumbering telepathy and shared part of his own mental might with the repentant villain, Changeling, who sought redemption as he was dying of a fatal disease. Xavier asked the Changeling to take his place with the X-Men, only Jean being aware of the switch, so that his absence wouldnít be noted. Isolated in a secret, psi-shielded chamber beneath the mansion, the professor began to work on the task at hand, undisturbed by the X-Menís regular struggles. However, things didnít run that smoothly and, when shortly afterwards the Changeling fell at the hands of Grotesk, the X-Men believed their mentor to be dead. [X-Men (1st series) #42, 65] Jean Grey still sworn to secrecy, the team even held a funeral for Xavier.

Months later after he had worked out his plans and the ZíNox were about to attack, Xavier revealed himself again to the team. Using his own and the X-Menís powers in concert, Xavier harnessed humanityís entire mental energy to chase the aliens away. The ordeal nearly killed him, though, and it took a device of Dr. Bruce Banner to awaken him from the coma he fell into. [X-Men (1st series) #65-66]

At first there seemed to be some after-effects to the procedure, as Xavier acted sterner than usual, treating the X-Men as he had in the very beginning when they were less experienced. During that time, he also became romantically interested in Teri Martin, the mother of a young mutant girl he was trying to help, but felt there was no room in his life for romance. [X-Men: Hidden Years #1-22] X-Men business continued as usual, until an organization called the Secret Empire started kidnapping mutants to use them as a power source, even some of the X-Men among them. Together with Captain America, Xavier and the remaining X-Men freed them, and exposed the Empireís dark schemes. [Captain America (1st series) #174-175]

When Cerebro registered a powerful mutant signature on the island Krakoa, Xavier sent the X-Men to investigate, unaware that the island itself was the mutant. As all but Cyclops were abducted by Krakoa, Xavier was forced to gather a new team for a rescue mission. He recruited the mutants he originally had concerns about (Nightcrawler, Colossus, Storm), some individuals the team had encountered before (Banshee, Sunfire) and a few others. After their first adventure together, most of the old team, except for Cyclops, saw this as an opportunity to explore lives of their own. Xavier felt a bit betrayed by his original students, but then agreed that they had to start building their own lives and let them move on, instead focusing on the next generation of X-Men. However, he soon had to live with the horror of having sent an X-Man - Thunderbird - to his death. The arrogant youth was too eager to prove himself in battle, and got himself killed in Count Nefariaís exploding plane. Being in a psi-link with Thunderbird, Xavier shared his experience. [Giant Size X-Men #1, X-Men (1st series) #94-95]

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