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Gambit (1st series) # 1

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Carol Danvers, formerly Ms. Marvel, helped the X-Men break into a government facility and erase any computer information the feds had about them at the time. [Uncanny X-men #158] - Submitted by Djinnmastr

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Author : Peter Luzifer, Ruth and BinaryanLast Modified : May 30, 2005

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With the X-Men being in the open, there were some missions deemed too clandestine for them. To have deniability, Xavier also created an underground, where he had special agents doing dirty work for him. When one of those agents, Prudence, was killed during a vital mission, Xavier reluctantly recruited the one woman who could finish that mission - Mystique. With Forge’s help he found Mystique and forced her into his service, always aware of the fact that she might try to stab him in the back. [Mystique #1-3]

Trying to also open his school to humans, Xavier planned an open day. However, it was ruined by brilliant but disturbed student, Quentin Quire, and his group - the Omega Gang - who took Xavier hostage, tried to emulate Magneto and protested against the humans. During the riot, there were several deaths, among them one of the Stepford Cuckoos. Feeling that his methods might have failed, Xavier intended to step down as headmaster in favor of Jean Grey. [New X-Men (1st series) #135-138]

However, before the semester was ended, Xorn revealed himself to be a traitor, seemingly Magneto in disguise. Xavier found out that his spine wasn’t healed, after all; magnetically influenced Nano-Sentinels had held it together. “Magneto” took Xavier prisoner, got rid of the X-Men by sending them to faked emergency missions and wreaked terror on New York after destroying Xavier’s mansion. Eventually, the X-Men escaped the traps that awaited them and returned to take the fight to “Magneto,” several students joining them. Although the fake Magneto was eventually beaten and killed, thousands of lives had been lost that day, including the one of Jean Grey. [New X-Men (1st series) #146-150]

Much to the disgust of several students, especially Wolverine, Xavier accompanied “Magneto’s” coffin to Genosha to hold his funeral service there. Once on the island, Xavier, Wolverine and Polaris got into a heated argument about his and Magneto’s values. Lorna actually defended Magneto’s point of view, but she wasn’t able to counter each argument of Xavier’s, especially not that he was willing to die for his dream. Xavier opted to remain behind on Genosha to help rebuild it, leaving his school in the care of others. Before she and Logan left, Lorna erected a symbolic statue, displaying both Magneto and Xavier. [Uncanny X-Men #442-443]

The coffin actually didn’t hold a corpse, but weapons and gadgets. In his wheelchair, Xavier traveled across Genosha to a small cabin, where he met… Magneto. Apparently, the “Magneto” who had terrorized New York had been an imposter, though it’s still unknown at what point Xavier learned of this. For safety reasons, Xavier and Magneto decided to let the world believe the master of magnetism dead, and started to work side by side for once. Along the way, they gathered a motley crew around them. [Excalibur (3rd series) #1-8]

Recently, Mystique, working undercover for the mysterious Quiet Man - actually a merged being of the not so dead agent Prudence and her killer, Steinbeck - was to kill Xavier as revenge in exchange for her freedom. She secretly made her way to Charles’ house on Genosha but, while seemingly threatening Xavier’s life, she actually worked together with Fantomex to fool Prudence and her ally. In the aftermath of her final confrontation with the Quiet Man, she got hold of Xavier and Forge’s tracking equipment and is now a free agent again. [Mystique #23-24]

Xavier is still busy on Genosha, looking for survivors and trying to merge the rivaling factions there - including the former Morlock leader, Callisto, the Dark Beast, the unwilling Prime Sentinel Karima Shapandar and several Genoshan Mutants - into a group that can work together to rebuild the island. He is also deeply worried about his friend, Magneto, who has grown more erratic after saving his daughter, the insanely powerful Scarlet Witch. [Excalibur (3rd series) #9-10]

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