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Marvel Comics Presents (1st series) # 41

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Magneto avoids travelling by boat because he gets seasick. [New Mutants (1st series) #23]

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Author : Aaron and Peter LuziferLast Modified : Aug 20, 2005

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Real Name: Paige Guthrie
Former Aliases: none


Weight: 100 lbs.
Hair color: Blond
Eyes: Blue

First appearance:

New Mutants (1st series) #42
Joined Generation X in: Uncanny X-Men #318
Currently in: no title

Known Relatives:

Thomas Zebulon Guthrie
XXX(father, deceased),
Lucinda Guthrie (mother),
Samuel Guthrie / Cannonball (brother),
Joshua Guthrie / Icarus (brother),
Joelle Guthrie (sister),
Elisabeth Guthrie (sister),
Melody Guthrie (sister),
Jebediah Guthrie (brother),
Lewis Guthrie (brother),
one or two more unnamed sisters,
Lucas Bartholomew Guthrie (uncle)
Profession: none
Group Affiliation: formerly X-Men, Generation X
Powers: transitional bodimorph able to shed the outer layers of her flesh at will, revealing a new skin underneath formed of different materials such as rubber, glass, diamond, and various forms of metal, or to achieve metabolic changes in her template form, such as removing caked up dirt and grime or shedding wounded layers of tissue

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