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Mighty World of Marvel # 8

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While powerless, Storm was granted the power of Thor, given an Uru Hammer and new weather powers by Loki. It was all just another attempt by Loki to overthrow and rule Asgard. [Uncanny X-Men Annual #9]

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Author : Daytripper (Steven Bishop) and Peter LuziferLast Modified : Jan 06, 2008

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Real Name: Dr. Walter Langkowski
Former Aliases: Wanda Langkowski, Box III, Tanaraq
Height: 64 (male)
10 (Sasquatch)
7 (Box)
510 (female)
Weight: 245 lbs. (male)
2000 lbs. (Sasquatch)
465 lbs. (Box)
108 lbs. (female)

Hair color:

Blond (male)
Orange (Sasquatch)
White (female,
XXalbino Sasquatch)
Eyes: Blue (human)
Red, with no visible
XXpupils (Sasquatch)
First appearance:Uncanny X-Men #120
Joined Alpha Flight in:Alpha Flight (1st series) #11 backstory
Currently in:no title
Known Relatives:unnamed mother,
Veronica Langkowski (ex-wife),
unnamed son,
unnamed cousin,
Lillian von Loont / Gilded Lily (great-aunt, deceased)
Profession:Nobel-winning professor of physics, former university lecturer, former football player

Group Affiliation:

Omega Flight,
formerly Alpha Flight, Gamma Flight Support Staff
Powers:- gamma mutate who morphs into a giant orange-furred creature with superhuman strength, agility, stamina, resilience, animalistic senses, and razor sharp claws, formerly accomplished this by mystically transpositioning his molecules with the Great Beast, Tanaraq
- formerly inhabited the Box Mark II, possessing a mechanical body made of "living metal" with superhuman strength, endurance, resistance to physical injury, cybernetic sensory scanners, and boot-mounted rockets

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