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Iceman (2nd series) # 2

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Xavier's second crippling was not a crushed leg problem, but a broken spine. He's a paraplegic. [Uncanny X-Men #280] - Submitted by Ann Nichols

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Author : Daytripper (Steven Bishop) and Peter LuziferLast Modified : Jan 06, 2008

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Real Name: Dr. Walter Langkowski
Former Aliases: Wanda Langkowski, Box III, Tanaraq
Height: 64 (male)
10 (Sasquatch)
7 (Box)
510 (female)
Weight: 245 lbs. (male)
2000 lbs. (Sasquatch)
465 lbs. (Box)
108 lbs. (female)

Hair color:

Blond (male)
Orange (Sasquatch)
White (female,
XXalbino Sasquatch)
Eyes: Blue (human)
Red, with no visible
XXpupils (Sasquatch)
First appearance:Uncanny X-Men #120
Joined Alpha Flight in:Alpha Flight (1st series) #11 backstory
Currently in:no title
Known Relatives:unnamed mother,
Veronica Langkowski (ex-wife),
unnamed son,
unnamed cousin,
Lillian von Loont / Gilded Lily (great-aunt, deceased)
Profession:Nobel-winning professor of physics, former university lecturer, former football player

Group Affiliation:

Omega Flight,
formerly Alpha Flight, Gamma Flight Support Staff
Powers:- gamma mutate who morphs into a giant orange-furred creature with superhuman strength, agility, stamina, resilience, animalistic senses, and razor sharp claws, formerly accomplished this by mystically transpositioning his molecules with the Great Beast, Tanaraq
- formerly inhabited the Box Mark II, possessing a mechanical body made of "living metal" with superhuman strength, endurance, resistance to physical injury, cybernetic sensory scanners, and boot-mounted rockets

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