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Wolverine (4th series) # 8

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When the X-Men were turned into toddlers by Mojo, the New Mutants took up the role of the X-Men, dressing up with their intended graduation costumes. [Uncanny X-Men Annual #10]

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Author : Peter LuziferLast Modified : Dec 30, 2007

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Real Name:Jeanne-Marie Beaubier
Former Aliases:none
Height: 5' 11
Weight: 125 lbs.
Hair color:Black with
XXXSilver streaks
First appearance:Uncanny X-Men #120
Joined Alpha Flight in: Alpha Flight (1st series) #9 backstory
Currently in: no title
Known Relatives:Jean-Paul Beaubier / Northstar
XXX(twin brother),
Joanne (adoptive niece, deceased)
Profession:former teacher, former nun
Group Affiliation: formerly Weapon X, Brotherhood of
XXXMutants, Gamma Flight Support Staff, Alpha Flight


- utilize the random atomic motion found within her molecules to propel her body at superhuman speeds, manipulates the kinetic motion of other object's molecules to provide them with a propulsive release of thrust on contact, possesses increased durability in her physical make-up to resist impact and temperature extremes
- physical contact with her brother has in the past altered the phase-shift between their molecules, generating a radiant cascade of blinding light in all directions, cancelled both her and her brother's powers, or done nothing at all
- formerly could produce and command her light solo, in order to generate anything from a soft glow to a blinding flash, hypnotize others or render them unconscious, manipulate minds to stimulate different sensations such as rage, hope, or serene calm, discharge concussive bursts or electricity, and heal the physical injuries suffered by others

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