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Identity Disc # 3

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Sabertooth and Mystique had a kid together named Graydon Creed: Despite both his parents being mutants he turned out to be baseline human. After learning of his heritage, he sought a life of hatred for mutants in general. - Submitted by elaw

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Author : Monolith (text) and tanwer (time chart)Last Modified : Jul 13, 2012

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Real Name: Layla Rose Miller
Former Aliases: Butterfly
Height: 5 (before time-jump), 57 (current)
Weight: 100 lbs. (before time-jump) 132 lbs. (current)
Hair color: Strawberry-Blonde
Eyes: Green
First appearance: House of M #4
Joined X-Factor in: X-Factor (3rd series) #1

Known Relatives:

unnamed parents (deceased)
Profession: private investigator, former rebel leader
Group Affiliation: X-Factor Investigations,
formerly Summers Rebellion


-reanimating touch allows her to bring back
the dead, restoring the recently deceased to
life and reversing all their injuries, but at the
cost of their souls
-technologically imprinted with extensive
knowledge of future events as well as a chronal
variance inhibitor, creating a causality loop whereby her actions directly shape the future without creating a divergent timeline
-wears a mechanical glove containing von Doom technology, enabling her to cast a protective force field around herself and others
-minor training in the mystic arts by Doctor Doom has provided her with select skills and knowledge such as exorcisms, protective wards, etc.

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