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New Avengers (2nd series) #29

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Sabertooth and Mystique had a kid together named Graydon Creed: Despite both his parents being mutants he turned out to be baseline human. After learning of his heritage, he sought a life of hatred for mutants in general. - Submitted by elaw

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Real Name:Christoph Nord
Former Aliases:Agent Zero, David North,
Height:6' 3''
Weight:230 lbs.
Hair color:Brown
First appearance:X-Men (2nd series) #5
Known Relatives:Andreas (brother, deceased),
Ginetta Lucia Barsalini (wife, deceased),
unborn child (deceased)
Profession:espionage agent, freelance mercenary,
West German freedom fighter
Group Affiliation:Weapon X Program I, III, Cell Six, Team-X
Powers: absorb kinetic energy to harmlessly store force and impact without taking damage, later upgraded to rechannel the absorbed energy as intense heat on contact, a force-amplifying effect for his blows, and thermo-concussive blasts
genetically re-engineered to possess no discernible scent and project force blasts that carried corrosive enzymes as they travelled, eating through his targets at the point of impact
Currently depowered following M-Day
Maverick battle armor supplied increased resistance to damage, self-sealing components to protect against gas, toxins, and a greater level of harm, infrared sights, wire-guided tasers, a kinetic amplifier to boost the energy supplied by impacts to his mutant powers, and storage for various explosives and tech
Agent Zero uniform composed of jet-black, light-absorbing Vibranium weave, able to absorb vibrational impact, neutralize sound, and render him nearly invisible in darkness, also employed rapid-fire pistols, wrist-mounted plasma casters, Adamantium knives, and a sniper rifle

NOTE: Several early non-canon sources (such as trading cards, toys, and children's reference books) referred to Maverick as a precognitive, able to sense the future five seconds in advance in order to avoid and counter his opponents. This presumably comes from some early notes about the character that never made it into the comics.

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