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X-Men: To Serve and Protect # 3

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Jean Grey's father, John, teaches history at Bard College, which is writer Chris Claremont's real-life alma mater. - Submitted by James McGhee

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Author : Douglas Mangum & MonolithLast Modified : Oct 29, 2013

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Real Name:Victor Creed
Former Aliases:Slasher, El Tigre,
Der Schlachter, God
of the Hunt


6’ 6”
Weight:275 lbs.
Hair color:Blond

First appearance:

Iron Fist (1st series) #14

Known Relatives:

Victoria (mother, deceased), Zebediah, father
(deceased), Graydon Creed (son, deceased)
Profession:assassin, mercenary, terrorist,
former government operative
Group Affiliation:Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, the Hand,
Hellfire Academy, formerly X-Men,
Weapon X Program, Hounds,
X-Factor, Marauders, Team X,
Fury’s Avengers Initiative, CIA


accelerated cellular regeneration and multiple surgical augmentations provide him with superhuman strength, speed, agility, endurance, and reflexes, highly acute sensory perceptions, a healing factor that retards his aging process, eliminates fatigue poisons, toxins, and disease, and increases his body's capacity for self-repair, razor-sharp fangs and thick fingernail talons

- occasionally enhanced by an Adamantium skeleton that renders his bones unbreakable and a secondary set of Adamantium claws that extend out over his natural ones

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