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Nation X #2

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A crowd once attacked Magneto, preventing him from rescuing his daughter Anya from a fire. Enraged, he used his newly manifested powers to slay the mob and the innocent onlookers. (Classic X-Men #12)

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Author : Monolith, Peter Luzifer, Binaryan and Homer JayLast Modified : Jul 17, 2005

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Real Name: Alexander Summers
Former Aliases: Magistrate Summers, Goblyn Prince


Weight: 175 lbs.

Hair color:

Eyes: Blue

First appearance:

Uncanny X-Men #54
Joined the X-Men in: off-panel, before Uncanny X-Men #65
Currently in: X-Men

Known Relatives:

Phillip Summers (grandfather),
Deborah Summers (grandmother),
Christopher Summers / Corsair (father),
Katherine Anne Summers (mother, deceased),
Scott Summers / Cyclops (brother),
Madelyne Pryor (sister-in-law, deceased),
Jean Grey-Summers / Phoenix IV (sister-in-law, deceased),
Nathan Christopher Charles Summers / Cable (nephew),
Rachel Grey / Marvel Girl III (alternate niece),
Nate Grey / X-Man (alternate nephew, deceased)
Profession: degree in geophysics
Group Affiliation: formerly X-Men, Genoshan Magistrates, X-Factor, Brotherhood of Mutants I, The Six
Powers: absorb cosmic energies from his environment (such as starlight, x-rays, and gamma radiation) and store them within his body‘s cells, metabolizing the energy in order to generate plasma wave discharges that super-heat and disintegrate objects or create concussion bursts by violently displacing air molecules in his path

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