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Excalibur (1st series) # 33

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The Exiles‘ Morph was, in his own reality, a New Mutant, an X-Man, and even an Avenger. [Exiles #1] - Submitted by the indomitable bug

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Author : Peter Luzifer and RuthLast Modified : Jan 03, 2010

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Years later, when Nate Grey crossed over from the Age of Apocalypse, he mentally reached out to a helping hand (Jean from his world) and accidentally provided Madelyne’s psionic ghost with a new body. Almost completely amnesiac, she remembered only her hatred for Sinister and had some flashbacks of a group called X-Men. However, she couldn’t make any sense of it.

In Paris, she was recognized by Selene, the Hellfire Club's Black Queen. Seizing this unexpected opportunity, Selene lured Madelyne away from Nate and invited her to stay her apartment. [X-Man #5-7]

Over the following weeks, Selene slowly influenced Madelyne and used her to gain the attention of Trevor Fitzroy. In fact, Selene sent Maddie after Trevor to test her capabilities. Telekinetically enforcing her punches in the following fight, Madelyne penetrated Fitzroy’s armor, who was then easy prey for Selene. [X-Man #16-17]

Selene and her companions traveled to New York and met with Sebastian Shaw and Tessa, suggesting a revival of the Inner Circle. Selene presented Madelyne as Black Rook and both Shaw and Tessa were stunned to see the woman responsible for Inferno to be under Selene's influence. They had her prove her worth in a battle against the London Club's Red Rook Scribe. Not only did she easily win, she also pulled out the parasite Mountjoy out of the woman‘s body. [X-Man #22-23]

At night, Tessa wanted to probe Madelyne's mind, but was discovered by her prey. Madelyne angrily defeated Tessa and proved to be telepathic too, making her forget the whole incident. Still, the intrusion served a purpose - Madelyne's memory was restored. [X-Man Annual ‘96] Now clearly remembering her past, Madelyne washed off Selene's manipulation. She searched for X-Man but met Threnody instead. Angered to hear from the death-energy feeding mutant that she, even though she was walking
around and breathing, was still dead, she killed Threnody. She then found Nate where she first met him, in the Swiss Alps, but he was with Jean. In a battle, Nate chose Jean over her. X-Man and Jean discovered that Madelyne was a psionic ghost, subconsciously given form by Nate. He tried to end the argument by re-absorbing her, only to find that he couldn’t, as she was now independent. Madelyne escaped back to Sebastian Shaw and shared an intimate night with him. [X-Man #24-25]

Much to the concern of Selene and Tessa, Madelyne and Shaw grew close, demonstrating their intimacy even in public, during a Hellfire Club ball. [X-Man #28] Yet, when a Hellfire Club operation in the Swiss Alps was opposed by Cable, Maddie switched sides. She gave her son hints about the villain’s location [Cable (2nd series) #50] and, afterwards, quit the Inner Circle.

Some weeks later, Madelyne showed up at X-Man’s side again, now also being able to teleport. She aided him in battle against the Great Beasts, showing that she would be there for him, even against his will. [X-Man #39-41]

At first, he was not fond of her company but, when the Psi-War, a battle between Psylocke and the Shadow King, caused a temporary worldwide blackout of psionic abilities, he welcomed her assistance. Their relationship developed, having aspects of friendship, love and family connection to equal parts. [X-Man #44]

Finally, when Nate was attacked by Strikesquad: Gauntlet, a group of operatives wearing psi-shielded armor, Madelyne was buried alive by one of them. She managed to escape by teleporting, yet, as the battle had taken a lot out of X-Man, she looked drained and withered. In no shape to continue whatever plans she had with Nate, she left. [X-Man #52]

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