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Dazzler #42

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Colossus, during a spell of amnesia, was a famous artist named Peter Nicholas.

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Author : Peter LuziferLast Modified : Dec 09, 2004

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1) This is the standard training uniform Xavier gave the original X-Men when they joined the team. Cyclops was the first recruit and, as such, the first to wear the uniform. [X-Men (1st series) #42 backstory] The earliest version of the visor had a pair of studs on the sides that Scott needed to push to open it but it was soon replaced by a model that reacted to Cyclops pressing certain contact points in his gloves.

-) Jean Grey later redesigned the training uniforms and, while hers changed into a more “female” version, the ones of the male X-Men more or less stayed the same. She only added a red belt and the yellow shirts were no longer covering the entire upper body. [X-Men (1st series) #27]

2) After the team had proved themselves in battle time and again, Xavier rewarded them with the right for individual costumes. This set was again designed by Jean, whom Xavier had secretly told of this plan before. [X-Men (1st series) #39] Cyclops wore this rather simple outfit for a very long time.

3) To infiltrate a villain organization, Cyclops came up with the cover identity of Erik the Red. Special circuits built into the helmet redirected his optic beams, making it seem as if they originated from his hands. [X-Men (1st series) #51-52] Of course, once the organization was defeated, Cyclops returned to his actual costume, while the Erik the Red identity was later used by two opponents of the X-Men.

4/5) Long months later, when the original five X-Men reunited, they came up with the idea of X-Factor. To the media, they acted as a mutant hunting group, while secretly they were trying to help mutants to handle their powers. Scott’s teammates wore similar dark shades so that he wouldn’t stick out. In situations that required the use of their powers, the team used the cover identities of the X-Terminators along with a new set of costumes. [X-Factor #1]

6) After they saved New York from Apocalypse and his Horsemen, X-Factor finally ended their charade and exposed their cover to the media. They became celebrities and a thankful designer, whom the team had rescued earlier that day, created a new look for them. The new costumes were close to the X-Terminator uniforms but the color schemes were different. [X-Factor #26]

7) Shortly after the X-Tinction Agenda, X-Factor settled for a new team look. Cyclops, Jean and Iceman all wore identical uniforms. Only Archangel and the furred Beast stuck to their looks. This is the first suit that did not cover Scott’s hair. [X-Factor #63]

8) Only a few weeks later, X-Factor rejoined the X-Men and again new costumes were in order. [X-Men (2nd series) #1] This is another longtime design and Cyclops wore it until he was merged with Apocalypse during the Twelve incident.

9) After Phoenix and Cable were able to extract Apocalypse’s essence from the merged body, Scott returned to the X-Men as a changed man. He acts were more ruthless and his new black costume reflected this change in personality. [Uncanny X-Men #391]

10) Weeks later, Xavier changed the entire look of his students. Instead of wearing bright costumes, they are now using some leather outfits that almost look like street clothes. The members have a vast supply of different shirts, coats and jackets from which to pick. [Uncanny X-Men #394]

11) Cyclops as well as the rest of his team switched back to more traditional superhero outfits to appear more media-friendly. In Cyclops' case that meant a skintight dark-blue outfit with a skull-cap and a more prominent visor. Gold-lining accentuates gloves, boots and shoulders give the uniform a style reminiscent of the classic X-Men uniforms. The ensemble is completed with a golden X-belt. [Astonishing X-Men (3rd series) #1]

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