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Generation X # 8

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During the Fatal Attractions crossover, X-Factor discovered a top-secret program named "Project: Wideawake", created by the government to produce mass quantities of mutant hunting sentinels. [X-Factor (1st series) #93] - Submitted by Charade007

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Author : Peter LuziferLast Modified : Jul 31, 2007

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Real Name: Alison “Ali“ Blaire
Former Aliases: Sandy Blossom
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 115 lbs.
Hair color: Blond
Eyes: Blue
First appearance: X-Men (1st series) #130
Joined the X-Men in: Uncanny X-Men #214
Currently in: New Excalibur
Known Relatives: Bella Blaire (grandmother),
Carter Blaire (father, deceased),
Katherine Blaire-Brown /
XXXBarbara London (mother),
Lois London (half-sister),
Longshot (husband)


former songstress and
Group Affiliation: Excalibur, formerly rebels of the Mojoverse, X-Men, Gladiators


  • absorb sound and store the sonic vibrations within her body, then convert it into light emissions which she can release as concentrated laser beams, photon pulses, force fields that can deflect or obliterate projectiles, ambient light that clouds her environment, realistic three-dimensional holograms, solid-light constructs, thrust for limited flight, and a glow from her body that can illuminate her surroundings and affect others by blinding them, rendering them insensate, or producing a hypnotic effect to place them in a trance or manipulate their emotional mood, formerly incapable of storing sound and needed to instantaneously convert it into light
  • presently afflicted with a mysterious resurrection factor which prevents her from being killed

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