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Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #382

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Marrow was originally supposed to have the codename "Sheathe" but the editors nixed it because they thought it had a too heavy sexual overtone. - Submitted by Binaryan

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Author : Monolith, Peter Luzifer & SixhouroflucyLast Modified : January 28, 2014

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Real Name:Kurt Wagner
Former Aliases:none
Height:5' 9"
Weight:170 lbs.
Hair color:Indigo
Eyes:Yellow, with no visible pupils
First appearance:Giant Size X-Men #1
Known Relatives:Raven Darkholme / Mystique (mother),
Graydon Creed (half-brother, deceased),
Rogue (foster sister), Azazel (father),
Nils Styger / Abyss (half-brother),
Kiwi Black (half-brother), Margali Szardos (adoptive mother), Stefan Szardos (adoptive brother, deceased),
Jimaine Szardos / Amanda Sefton / Magik II (adoptive sister), Talia Josephine Wagner / Nocturne (alternate daughter)
Profession: trapeze artist, postulant priest
Group Affiliation:X-Men, formerly X.S.E., Excalibur
Powers:mutant-neomorphic physiology gives him a flexible spine for heightened agility, reflexes and coordination, iridescent eyes, blue velvet fur, three fingers on each hand, two toes on each foot, fangs, pointed ears, a prehensile tail, control the inter-atomic bondings between his molecules and those of other objects to cling to solid surfaces, extra-dimensional wormhole surrounding his body absorbs light constantly to cast his body into shadow and make him transparent in darkness, and he can enter the wormhole to teleport from place to place within our dimension seemingly instantaneously, accompanied by a rush of air, a stench of brimstone, and a burst of flame

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