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Quasar # 45

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When the X-Men were turned into toddlers by Mojo, the New Mutants took up the role of the X-Men, dressing up with their intended graduation costumes. [Uncanny X-Men Annual #10]

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Author : Lia Brown America's Heroes and RuthLast Modified : Aug 05, 2011

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Real Name: Raven Darkholme (possibly)
Former Aliases: Eric Raven, Leni Zauber, Amichai
Benvenisti, Valerie Cooper, Mallory
Brickman, B. Byron Biggs, Ronnie
Lake, Holt Adler, Surge, Foxx
Height: variable (typically 510)
Weight: 200 lbs. (previously 120 lbs.)

Hair color:

Eyes: Yellow, with no visible pupils
First appearance: Ms. Marvel (1st series) #16
Joined X-Factor in: X-Factor (1st series) #112
Known Relatives: Count Christian Wagner (husband,
deceased), Kurt Wagner/Nightcrawler
(son, deceased), Graydon Creed
(son, deceased), Anna Marie/Rogue
(adoptive daughter), Senator Miles
Brickman (husband, deceased),
Mallory Brickman (adoptive daughter)


mercenary, former government
operative, private investigator,
model, terrorist

Group Affiliation:

formerly Dark X-Men, X-Men, Chevaliers Squad (as Foxx), X-Corps (as Surge), Brotherhood of Mutants,
Freedom Force, X-Factor, Brotherhood of Evil Mutants


metamorphic shape-shifter capable of altering her physical features to mimic existing people, assume unique identities, generate clothing organically, blend in with her surroundings, create genetic enhancements such as claws, wings, additional arms or hardened biological armor, and manipulate her anatomy and cellular structure to retard her aging process, maintain peak human vitality, rearrange her internal organs, heal minor tissue damage and purge her body of pathogens

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