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Captain America (1st series) #366

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Wolverine accidentally killed his first love, Rose, although he doesn't even remember it, his memory having "healed" over the unpleasant experience. [Origin #6] - Submitted by Liam Johnson

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Author : Peter Luzifer and RuthLast Modified : Nov 01, 2011

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Real Name: Remy Etienne LeBeau
Former Aliases: Le Diable Blanc, Robert Lord, Death VI
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 180 lbs.


black with
XXXred pupils
Hair color: brown

First appearance:

Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #266
Joined the X-Men in: Uncanny X-Men Annual #14
Currently in: X-Men Legacy
Known Relatives: Jean-Luc LeBeau (adoptive father),
Henri LeBeau (adoptive brother, deceased),
Mercy LeBeau (sister-in-law),
Theoren Marceaux (cousin),
Etienne Marceaux (cousin, deceased),

Bella Donna Boudreaux (ex-wife),
Marius Boudreaux (father-in-law, deceased),
Julien Boudreaux (brother-in-law, deceased)


thief, mercenary
Group Affiliation: X-Men, New Orleans Unified Guild
formerly Marauders, Horsemen, New Orleans Thieves Guild


  • interkinetic power allows him to produce bio-kinetic energy within his body and use it to convert any inorganic object's potential energy into kinetic energy on contact, making the object highly volatile and explosive on contact, internal energy also grants him heightened agility and creates static interference that shields his mind from detection
  • hypnotic charm allows him to exert subtle influence over sentient minds, compelling them to believe what he says and agree with his suggestions
  • full power template enables him to charge any organic or inorganic object within his line of sight, manipulate the potency of the bio-kinetic energy to cause various effects such as burning, molecular discomfort, or incineration, and utilize the advanced levels of bio-energy active when he uses his powers to augment his strength, agility, endurance, and reflexes, for short periods
  • (as Death) bio-engineered by Apocalypse with a secondary form possessing jet black skin, enhanced strength and resistance to impact, a transmogrifying power that converts air into a toxic vapor and the ability to charge objects with a carbonizing force, mentally guiding the object towards targets and reducing them to ash

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