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Wolverine (3rd series) #48

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Storm can not only control air currents, but she discovered that she can control both solar wind and ocean currents, although its much more straining for her than manipulating regular weather patterns. [Uncanny X-Men #99, X-Men Unlimited (2nd series) # 6] - Submitted by Greg Lichodolik

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Author : Peter Luzifer and RuthLast Modified : Mar 30, 2005

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Real Name: Amara Juliana Olivians Aquilla
Former Aliases: Allison Crestmere


Weight: 124 lbs.
Hair color: Blond
Eyes: Blue

First appearance:

New Mutants (1st series) #8
Joined the New Mutants in: New Mutants (1st series) #12
Currently in: no title

Known Relatives:

Lucius Antonius Aquilla (father),
Selene (self-proclaimed grandmother)
Profession: none
Group Affiliation: X-Corporation L.A., formerly Hellions II, Hellions I, New Mutants
Powers: geo-thermal powers allow her to assume an energized form in which she radiates heat and light, can ignite high temperature flames, cause and direct seismic upheavals, summon molten rock to the surface as lava or small volcano mounds, and project "magma blasts" by superheating rock or stone and then mentally launching it at her foes

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