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New Avengers Illuminati # 4

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Beast and Nightcrawler don't have blue skin, only a fine coat of blue fur.

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Author : Peter Luzifer and Daytripper (Steven Bishop)Last Modified : Jun 06, 2006

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1) While working as trapeze artists, Kurt and Jimaine wore similar outfits. Nightcrawler later wore this as his first costume as an X-Man. [Excalibur #minus 1]

2) When Amanda revealed herself to be Jimaine, she was wearing this pink outfit, including a strange headpiece. Itís meaning is unknown. [Uncanny X-Men Annual #4]

3) Helping out the X-Men on occasion, Amanda was seen wearing this outfit. Originally the boots and tunic being of a silvery white color, and the belt and gloves purple, [Uncanny X-Men #188] by the time she came to Excaliburís lighthouse looking for Nightcrawler, the coloring of the costume was reversed. [Uncanny X-Men #253-254]

4) As part of the makeshift team defending Muir Island from the attacking Reavers, Amanda was given the basic X-uniform to wear, much to her disgust. [Uncanny X-Men #254]

-) Under the mental hold of the Shadow King, she wore a more striking outfit, including a long cape and jewelry, [Uncanny X-Men #269] however by the time of the Muir Island Saga, she was portrayed in yet another new look. [Uncanny X-Men #278]

5) Upon joining Excalibur, Daytripper presented this new costume, along with her new codename. [Excalibur #75]

6) Shortly afterwards she changed the costumeís coloring, but the basic design remained the same. Sometimes though, she wore a short jacket instead of the long dark cape. [Excalibur #84]

7) As ruler of Limbo, Amanda took on Illyana Rasputin's moniker Magik and presents herself in a similar looking shiny armor with horn accessories. [X-Men Black Sun #1]

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