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Avengers (1st series) # 37

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Colossus, during a spell of amnesia, was a famous artist named Peter Nicholas.

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Author : Ruth, Peter Luzifer, Milleniumcyke & BinaryanLast Modified : Oct 31, 2012
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Real Name: Rahne Sinclair
Former Aliases: Grimfang, Mutate 490


5' 2"
Weight: 110 lbs.

Hair color:

Eyes: Green

First appearance:

Marvel Graphic Novel #4
Joined the New Mutants in: Marvel Graphic Novel #4
Currently in: X-Factor

Known Relatives:

Moira MacTaggert (adoptive mother, deceased),
Reverend Craig (biological father, deceased), Tier (son), Vanora (alternate daughter)
Profession: private investigator, former teacher/student advisor, government agent
Group Affiliation: X-Factor Investigations, formerly X-Force, teaching staff at Xavier Institute, Excalibur, X-Factor (government team), Genoshan Mutates, Hellions, New Mutants
Powers: - genetic lycanthrope able to morph into a fully lupine form or assume transitional werewolf forms that possess various degrees of enhanced strength, speed, agility, endurance, reflexes, animal-like senses, and other physical attributes such as razor -edged canines and claws, quadrapedal frame, thick brown fur, and an elongated snout
- formerly unable to return to her human form without becoming a mutate devoid of any will of her own
- formerly possessed increased strength and near-invulnerability even in her human form due to her mystical pregnancy

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