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Alpha Flight (1st series) #107

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Storm can not only control air currents, but she discovered that she can control both solar wind and ocean currents, although it’s much more straining for her than manipulating regular weather patterns. [Uncanny X-Men #99, X-Men Unlimited (2nd series) # 6] - Submitted by Greg Lichodolik

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Author : MonolithLast Modified : 1st August 2013
Chapter I
Chapter II
Chapter III
Chapter IV - V
Chapter VI - VII
Chapter VIII



Leona Hiss, Meriem Drew, Ophelia Sarkissian… the former Madame Hydra known as Viper has assumed all these names in the past, but her real history remains an enigma. Her goals, however, are abundantly clear: to spread terror, to destabilize governments and to incite anarchy in opposition to all known forms of world order. Whether through her role in HYDRA, her position as ruler of the pirate country of Madripoor or as an independent nihilist, Viper has been an agent of chaos for several decades.

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