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Infinity War # 2

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Sabretooth was once a "guest" at the X-Mansion during which the Professor unsuccessfully attempted to cure him of his urge to kill. Eventually Sabretooth ended the therapy by breaking out of his holding cell and nearly killing Psylocke on the way out of the mansion. [X-Men Unlimited (1st series) #3, Uncanny X-Men #328] - Submitted by Julia D

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Character Glossary


Real Name: Unknown
Universe/Timeline: Bishop Future Timeline / Marvel Universe
Current Status: Other
Categorization: Mutant

Aliases: Jude Black
Nationality: American
First Appearance: X-Factor (1st series) #140

Powers and Abilities:
convert his entire body into a photoelectric form, containment armor channels his secondary form's energies into shafts of destructive force from his gauntlets, focusing cane utilizes his power as a taser charge

X.S.E., X.U.E., X-Factor II


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