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Amazing Adventures (2nd series) #11

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Carol Danvers, formerly Ms. Marvel, helped the X-Men break into a government facility and erase any computer information the feds had about them at the time. [Uncanny X-men #158] - Submitted by Djinnmastr

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Character Glossary


Real Name: Jonothan Evan Starsmore
Universe/Timeline: Marvel Universe
Current Status: Active
Additional Status Info: X-Men (NY)
Categorization: Mutant

Aliases: Decibel
Nationality: British
First Appearance: Generation X #1

Powers and Abilities:
vaporized chest cavity filled with a fluctuating energy field that he manipulates through psionic biokinesis; he can communicate telepathically through broad or personal thought projection and project bionuclear energy discharges

X-Men, Clan Akkaba, Generation X, Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, New Warriors, Weapon X Program III

Chamber was struck by the Decimation in Generation M #1, leaving him hospitalized. He was restored to health by Clan Akkaba using the blood of Apocalypse in New Excalibur #9, giving him an unspecified potential for new mutant power. As Decibel of the New Warriors, he employed throat tech that granted him sonic telekinesis, enabling him to fly, project debilitating shrieks, sonic force blasts, and create solid sound force fields and constructs. Following the Age of X, Jono was restored to his original Chamber appearance in New Mutants (3rd series) #24.

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