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Planning on seeing Disney's new animated film, Big Hero 6? Why not check out the story of the original versions of Hiro & Baymax!



Once considered a bright young star in his generation of mutants, this youngster burnt out early after a series of misfortunes and was killed without ever reaching his potential. Read about the tragically short life of... RUSTY COLLINS!

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Issue Summary Milestone!

Our Issue Summary database was our first resource related section to appear at UXN and like many sections we've worked on improving the quality, In fact, if you look at our very first summary, Uncanny X-Men (1st series) #228, you will see how much it differs from our current releases.

Even with 6700 issue summaries on the site, we still have a way to go till every X-Men related issue has been summarised but today we want to share with you about a new milestone we have reached. 

While other comic titles have been completed, we have, perhaps subconsciously. been more reserved about completing all Issue summaries for the original series.

Today we release X-Men (1st series) #63 and #64. The former is written by long-time Contributor Ruth, while the latter is the first submission from a newer contributor, calling himself Johnnybravo44. Tomorrow, the actual final summary will be released (#65), again written by Ruth. Those who know the publication history of the series, know that X-Men had been canceled after the publication of #66. The summary for that issue is already on the site. From Marvel’s in-universe, continuity perspective, the recently published Savage Hulk #1-4 takes place immediately after #66, and we'll be posting those summaries next.

Johnnybravo44 has only written a few summaries to date, doing so at his own pace. While we love to have regular, ongoing contributors, we’re also always on the lookout for the occasional writer, who contributes once-in-awhile. If you think you might be interested in doing the same, you can get in touch through the site or our forum

We hope you will join us in giving a round of applause for all those who helped us reach this point, both long-established contributors like Ruth and more recent ones like Johnnybravo44. 


The holiday season has traditionally been a low-traffic period on UXN. So, instead of trying to compete with the holly and the jolly, for the rest of the year we will be doing something a little different...THE WINTER OF ARTICLES PAST.

One of the benefits of the recent renovation of UXN is a feature to list all Articles on the site in chronological order from their last update. This helped our staff pick out some long outdated articles for a touch up, in some cases updating the images and text for the first time in over a decade. These updates will be the site's focus for the rest of November and December. This will not only give some of our old articles some love, but also give our staff some extra time to focus on prepping some NEW releases for the NEW year to come.

Today we release the first of these articles, an update to the Villain Team entry on... the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants III / Freedom Force!

Freedom is a four-letter word!


Today we have a special treat for you: a joint Character Profile on Big Hero 6's Hiro & Baymax!

This feature is special not just because these two are making their theatrical debut today in Disney's Big Hero 6—it's also special because it was submitted by our forum member Providence, making this his second UXN contribution this year!

Thank you, Providence—I think we can all agree who the Hiro of the day is.


Happy Halloween, everyone! In honor of the dead, the mostly dead and the once dead, tonight we bring you an update on UXN's DEATH CHART, with the addition of all X-Factor members as well as X-Men. R.I.P. Logan -- we surely won't have to update this article again any time soon... right?


Today we bring you an update to one of the X-Men's more mysterious artifacts...the Siege Perilous. Lying dormant for many years it recently came back in the hands of the Hellfire Club where, once again, more willing (and some unwilling) volunteers have stepped through it to be reborn again.


Today we bring you the final article on our Thunderbird month. Now that all the 616 Thunderbird spotlights are up-to-date, we thought we would bring you a brand new profile on one of the more prolific alternate reality John Proudstars... Thunderbird (Exiles). Hopefully you have enjoyed September's themed releases and are prepared for an awesome October.