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We had to bend the rules a bit to bring you this Spotlight, but since they're our rules...screw 'em. So look out! Here comes the history for the Exiles version of Miguel O'Hara... SPIDER-MAN 2099 (Exiles)!
Growing up in a gun cartel...being used as a weapon of mass destruction...losing his powers...dating Wolfsbane...things just seem to go from bad to worse for this guy. But he has always survived and through it all found love with his best friend. Read the Earth-shattering story of... RICTOR!

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An Exiles month wouldn't be complete without a look at the meddling do-gooders who started it all. So, take a seat at your personal multiversal-viewing control center (or maybe just use a computer, if that's easier) and take a look at our Alien Races article on... the Timebreakers!

Also, on a side note, this article also happens to be the first published submission by UXN forum member and Exiles-enthusiast Gibbering Fool, whose timing—like his writing—is impeccable.

SPIDER-MAN 2099 (Exiles)

Not a hoax, not a dream, not an April Fools' gag... you're about to read a Spotlight On... Spider-Man 2099!!! (Exiles version)

Exiles Month: Wallpapers

As part of Exiles Month we thought we'd bring you 3 new sets of wallpapers to adorn your desktop, tablet or Mobile featuring Nocturne, Longshot and a group image from the original Exiles series. Go Get 'em!

Exiles Month: Nocturne

Although her mother's heritage in Earth-616 may be a bit murky at the moment, this dimension-hopping mutant is still considered the granddaughter of Magneto. As part of this month's Exiles theme and our continuing Spotlight Updates efforts, read the final word thus far on Talia Josephine Wagner... NOCTURNE!

Exiles Month Begins - The Panoptichron!

Its time to go down the rabbit hole, as we present to you a whole month celebrating strangers from different realities brought together to insure life as we know it doesn't cease to exist, destined to fix the kinks in the chains of reality, The Exiles!. For our 1st release of the month we're bringing you the lowdown on the Exiles base of operations, the PANOPTICHRON

Husk Spotlight Update!

As part of UXN's mission to update our older Spotlights, we turn our attention to a character who hasn't had a starring role in any book for a while, but has made some interesting appearances. Refreshed images and updated text for your reading pleasure. We present the latest adventures of...HUSK!