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We wanted an excuse to do this one for years, and boy, did Marvel provide a great one! Read about the 80's TV star and latest X-Man... FIRESTAR!
Is he a man? Is he a Robot? Is he the king of deadpan? Read all about the slightly creepy... MANBOT!

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We wanted an excuse to do this one for years, and boy, did Marvel provide a great one! Read about the 80's TV star and latest X-Man...FIRESTAR!


Well now the chaos of New Year is over with we thought we would take a look back at 2014 and all the thing that went on around here. From new spotlights and profiles to themed months to an entirely new site, it was quite a busy year. In case you missed any of the releases check out our 2014 Year in Review


Just as 2014 has ended, so has our Winter of Articles Past theme. Don't worry, we still intend to update many of those untouched articles, but for now we want to start 2015 with some brand new content. Right now the Marvel Universe seems to be all about alternate realities and timelines so we wanted to get in on the action. The X-Men's very own Dazzler had a brief career bouncing around the multiverse with her own team of alternate misfits. Read up on her adventures in our first article for 2015...the Hero Team entry on X-Treme X-Men II! Stay tuned for lots more spotlights, profiles, updates and theme months.


To celebrate the beginning of the new year, we thought we'd mix things up by not only changing the logo for an alternative design created by forum member Anna Raven, but also replacing all the random X-Facts that appear across the site. Don't worry if you thought you might have missed one of the older X-facts — you can now check out the older entries in the article, Uncanny X-Facts!


Little Hellions! Kids feeling rebellious!

During Necrosha, Emma Frost's greatest tragedy, the death of the Hellions, came back to haunt her when they were resurrected by Selene. The Hellions also battled their old rivals the New Mutants. Read about their recent un-dead history in the updated Hellions Villains Team Entry!


Today we are giving you a special X-Mas two-for-the-price-of-one release.

The N'Garai and Ru'tai have proved to be persistent and formidable foes over the years, striking terror into the hearts of their victims. Yet it always seems to be the most junior of X-Men who find the courage and wits to take them down.

Read now the demonic updates to these Hellspawn creatures!