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It seems that it wasn't just the 616 John Proudstar who had a rough time, his counterpart on the Exiles had more than his fair share of tragedy too. Read all about the pain and turmoil that scarred... THUNDERBIRD (Exiles)!


You might not remember this character, but don't worry, neither do the X-Men! Read all about.... that guy...ummmm... what's his name? Oh yeah, Pulse!


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PULSE V (Glossary Character)
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Today we bring you the final article on our Thunderbird month. Now that all the 616 Thunderbird spotlights are up-to-date, we thought we would bring you a brand new profile on one of the more prolific alternate reality John Proudstars... Thunderbird (Exiles). Hopefully you have enjoyed September's themed releases and are prepared for an awesome October.


Today we bring you an update on the third person to use the Thunderbird name, Neal Shaara. Though he is the "incumbent" character with that title, Neal hasn't been seen much in recent years. So... what's been up with Thunderbird III?!?

WARPATH (update)

Today we bring you an update on the second person to use the Thunderbird name. He has had a busy few years, living up to his more well-known code name of Warpath. Be sure to come back next week for another installment in our Thunderbird month.


As many of you will have noticed by now, September has been dubbed "Thunderbird Month." Our first article is an update to one of the X-Men's most short-lived, yet infamous, members... Thunderbird I. Be sure to come back each week for another release based on the Thunderbird legacy.

The Oncoming Storm

Storm, Mistress of the Elements, commands you to read this Spotlight Update!

Thunderbirds are Go!