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This bigoted mutant found himself on a team of interim X-Men when help was needed for a clandestine mission on Genosha. He instantly clashed with his teammates and, when the adventure was over, left for parts unknown — only to later meet an unpleasant demise. Read all about the one-time X-Men member PAULIE PROVENZANO!
Whilst she may be the daughter of one of the X-Men's greatest foes, this dangerous illusionist has taken up his mantle in more than just name. Betrayal, manipulation and a costume that would make Emma Frost blush are just some of the tricks of... LADY MASTERMIND!

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Happy Friday! Start your weekend off right with UXN's Character Profile on everyone's (least?) favorite mutant homophobe, Paulie Provenzano!

7,000 Issue Summaries !!!

While character articles have a tendency to steal most of the limelight from the site's front page, the UXN continues its utopian dream of posting summaries for issues with X-characters. Today, we reach another milestone in this dream - our 7000th summary!

As always, we try to choose an issue of some significance. This one is the X-Men: Legacy #300. Of course, in truth, X-Men: Legacy did not reach 300 issues by itself, but was the culmination of numberings from X-Men (2nd series), New X-Men (1st series), X-Men (2nd series) again, then X-Men: Legacy (1st series)... and then finally X-Men: Legacy (2nd series). If that didn't make sense to you, you have a wonderful website called the UXN to help explain it all.

This summary and the few preceding it were written by Contributor "Gremlin." Compared to many staffers, he is relatively new ("only" having been around a few years) but he has written many Issue Summaries and lots of articles of all types. If you think you might be interested in helping out in any capacity, please take a look at our "Contribute to the UXN" page and let us know!


The X-Men had their work cut out for them dealing with Mastermind, but nothing could have prepared them for the tricks and deceptions of his daughter. Joining the X-Men only to immediately betray them, this malicious illusionist went on to plague the team again and again, all with a wicked smile on her face. Watch your backs and keep hold of your senses as we unleash our latest character article on... Lady Mastermind!


Held as a backup entry in case one of our Unusual Suspects didn't come through, this supporting starlet from the pages of X-Factor can now get the spotlight she deserves. How many of you think you would have been able to guess the identity of the viral diva INFECTIA?

Publication History X: 2002

After a plethora of Character Articles, we thought we'd switch it up this week and take you back in time to revisit the year that Marvel relaunched a few X-Titles, and introduced X-Corps and the Weapon Plus program. Welcome to 2002!

New Feature: Article Commenting

When we conducted our Visitor Feedback last year, we asked all of you for what features you would like to see. One of the most requested features was a comment section and today that feature becomes a reality. to find out more about this... [Read the Full Story]