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No body, no problem! Despite existing as a mere brain in a jar, Martha Johannson has proven herself to be one of the bravest, smartest, and noblest mutants in the X-Men student body and recent struggles have only made her more determined to be a hero! Read the tragic but inspiring tale of... NO-GIRL!
Unlike his 616-counterpart, he was an amoral, atheist antihero whose quest for revenge endangered not just the lives of his teammates but billions of others as well — and yet, it was hard not to feel a little bad for him. Read the story of one of the Age of Apocalypse's many tragic heroes, NIGHTCRAWLER (AOA)!

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Malibu Exiles (Glossary Group)
BLOODY BESS (Glossary Character)
BLINDSPOT (Glossary Character)
DEADEYE II / III (Glossary Character)
CORPUS DERELICTI (Glossary Character)
THERMAL (Glossary Character)
BURNOUT (Glossary Character)
BLASTFURNACE (Glossary Character)
DANGER (Glossary Character)
PSYLOCKE (Glossary Character)

15 Years of UXN: and that's a wrap!

As August comes to an end so does our 15 year anniversary event extravaganza. We hope you enjoyed all the updates that we pumped out after our 3 month tour of Alternate universes. Once we’ve taken a short siesta, we'll be settling back into a regular schedule, but hope you'll join me in thanking the team for all their hard effort over the last couple of months.

As a final reminder we are keeping the UXN 2015 Feedback survey open for a few more days, so if you haven't done so, fill it in.

15 Years of UXN: WOLVERINE

Even dead, we don't dare let his Spotlight go too long without an update. As our 15th Anniversary Month comes to a close, catch up on one of our greatest accomplishments to date...the Wolverine Spotlight update!

15 Years of UXN: MIMIC!

With an epic bromance, new career and a new outlook on life, read the updated spotlight for everyone's favorite copycat, the MIMIC.

Oh and while you're there, why not check out his Alternate counterpart, MIMIC (Exiles) , which has had a mini update too 

15 Years of UXN: Publication History X 1997

As we start to wrap up our Birthday event, we bring you our last Publication History X entry for the year that brought us Eany & Meany; 1997!

15 Years of UXN: MARRINA!

Today, we're showing some love for Alpha Flight during our Birthday celebration with an updat to the Spotlight On the aquatic alien, Marrina

15 Years of UXN: JIM LEE Trading Cards

Today we thought we'd drop you something a little different to the recent releases of the event month, as we bring you the 1990 Jim Lee Trading card set!