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Although she raised two brave and true heroes, the self-styled Sorceress Supreme was a power-hungry witch who would stop at nothing to achieve her mad desires - and those brave and true heroes often found themselves caught up in the conflicts of their mother, the diabolical... MARGALI SZARDOS!
This orphan was thrust from obscurity into the depths of Department H where she was supposed to be groomed to become a member of Alpha Flight — but the secrets and lies that rippled through the organization prevented this from happening, until she finally got the chance to prove herself alongside Canada's Premiere Super Heroes. Read all about the heroics of GHOST GIRL!

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This month, X-Men: Apocalypse hits theaters as the third installment of the X-Men film franchise. I mean, the sixth installment. Or is it the ninth?

X-Men continuity has long been a confusing topic in the comics, and FOX Entertainment has made sure the movie continuity is equally so. Today, UXN presents a SPOILER-FREE chronology of characters and events in the X-Men films. Watch for coming updates where we incorporate the events of X-Men: Apocalypse into the timeline as well. And now... the X-Men Cinematic Universe Timeline.

Spotlight update: Archangel

Of all of Apocalypse's Horsemen you won't find any other as iconic as this one. Whilst he may be a simple lackey in the current film, his comic counterpart recently usurped his master by taking on the role of Apocalypse. His downfall was swifter than his rise but like many X-Men before him he rose anew. So take a moment to read the updated spotlight to the perpetually tormented...Archangel


Apocalypse made his silver screen debut last month, introducing to millions the menace of one of the X-Men's most powerful foes. Like many characters in the Marvel Universe, Apocalypse's backstory has become more and more intricate over the years, with creators adding more and more to his history. In this update to one of the site's oldest articles, we did the same, inserting recently revealed history deep in the article's text, as well as replacing all of the images with better versions. Read now the updated "Bring on the Bad Guy" article starring... APOCALYPSE!

Publication History X: 2005

2005 proved to be a pivotal year for mutantkind as the Scarlet Witch warped reality into the House of M and 95% of the world's mutant population was de-powered. Amongst those significant events, the year also saw the return of Psylocke, the first appearance of Layla Miller, Alpha Flight embarked on a bizarre time-travel adventure and Wolverine joined a certain super hero team... all in 2005! Learn about these events and more in the latest Publication History X.

Unusual Suspects III: Margali Szardos

Earlier this year, Robbert Graner was the 1st place winner in our Unusual Suspects III contest, and the only contestant to guess all the silhouettes correctly before the hints were released! As his prize, Robbert got to pick a new Character Article for the site. He submitted us a short list of possible candidates, and asked to be surprised by our final selection. Well...Surprise, Robbert! Today we present an article of the Sorceress of the Winding Way, the former Red Queen of the Hellfire Club, and one of the two finalists in the "Nightcrawler's Worst Mother" competition...Margali Szardos!"

Publication History X: 2004

2004 saw the debuts of fan-favorite character Pixie, as well as Major Mapleleaf II and Mammomax. Meanwhile, X-23 made her first appearance in comic form, previously appearing in the X-Men: Evolution television series. The end of the year saw long-time Avenger the Scarlet Witch seemingly have a nervous breakdown, which would have dire implications for mutantkind in the years ahead, and the X-Factor Investigations organization was formed. Learn about these events and more in the latest Publication History X.