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The X-Men have fought many psychic entities over the years but few have had such a personal toll on the team than this lady. Taking over their minds and lives, she twisted, manipulated and killed her way to the top. So take a moment to read the history of a woman called MALICE IV!
This man carried on an insane vendetta against Charles Xavier for decades before ever appearing in an X-Title. Now, because NO ONE demanded it, read the strange and twisted tale of... PROFESSOR POWER!

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Trish Tilby: So Lorna, we've tackled your family and love life but lets move onto your professional life and talk about X-Factor? This is your first time in command, correct?
Polaris: ......No, but officially yes.
Trish Tilby: How are you finding your feet in the role?
Polaris: It has not been...without its challenges but ultimately I don't regret my decision and on a final note I just want to speak a little bit of the good work that Serval is doing in ----
Trish Tilby: I am sorry Lorna we are out of time. I want to thank Serval's Lorna Dane for giving us her time this evening and answering all of very difficult and probing questions!
Polaris: It's been my pleasure Trish, my life is an open book. 

On that note read our updated Polaris Spotlight, detailing Lorna's adventures from her first appearrance in 1968 up to her present day adventures in All-New X-Factor. UXN.net hopes you enjoyed Polaris month.


Trish Tilby: Just before the break, Polaris outlined her complicated relationship with her father, Magneto. Let's move onto a happier topic, lets talk about your love life.
Polaris: Why? There's nothing to say. You don't want dead air, Trish. (awkwardly laughs)
Trish Tilby: You have been romantically linked to several high profile men in the past.
Polaris: I have?
Trish Tilby: Don't play modest, Lorna. There's been the Avenger Havok, the X-Man Iceman, Serval Industries mogul Harrison Snow, team mate Gambit, the mercenary Random, the late Dr Leonard Samson, the Incredible Hulk...
Polaris: People think I went out with the Incredible Hulk?!! God, no! Okay lets start with Havok. I was engaged to Havok, things didn't work out but we ended things well and I hope things work out with what's her name. My relationship with Harrison Snow is purely professional. Leonard was a dear dear friend who I miss every day but there was nothing romantic. As for Iceman and Random, in their dreams! As for Remy, he does have some adorable kittens and I will leave it at that.
Trish Tilby: Well you certainly aren't shy are you Lorna. Given the reaction you gave me there I wonder what you say to the final name on the list?
Polaris: Who is it?
Trish Tilby: En Sabah Nur, Apocalypse?

Polaris: [Pause followed by hysterical laughter] Are you nuts?
Trish Tilby: There have been reports that you were seen in his company wearing some very em, unusual attire. I've hear it involved a mask and some spikes. It's a common story a person gets involved with older and more experienced and they do... things to impress that person. No need to be shy Lorna; we do live in a post Fifty Shades of Grey world.
Polaris: [Stares blankly] You are actually serious. No, never, ever, no, god no. I would take the Hulk first. I didn't realize this was even a thing, just, okay let me clear this up.

To find out the REAL story of what happened during Polaris time with Apocalypse, read our update on the Horseman of Apocalypse.


Trish Tilby: So you have cleared up the San Francisco bay incident Lorna but what about your connection's to international terrorist Magneto? We're going to roll the clip of you fighting alongside with Magneto in Hammer Bay against the Avengers.

Polaris: Well, he is my father.
Trish Tilby: It must have been really shocking finding out you were related to such a villainous character.
Polaris: No, not really.
Trish Tilby: You....eh weren't shocked at all?
Polaris: Well sure the first time I was shocked but the second time I found out he was my father it was a all old hat.
Trish Tilby: Second time?

Read our revised Polaris: Powers and Heritage article detailing Polaris's changeable powers and relationship with her on-again off-again father, the Master of Magnetism Magneto, as well as the unanswered question of her Savage Land sis Zaladane. 


Trish Tilby: So what name do you prefer, Lorna or Polaris?
Polaris: Just call me Lorna.
Trish Tilby: So I think it's best to just start with the elephant in the room Lorna, don't you?
Polaris: Which one? [Polaris laughs]
Trish Tilby: Well the one we will start with is the claims that came up this week that you were deranged and attacked sun bathers in San Francisco Bay while battling your former fiance respected Avenger-
Polaris: Pft! Sorry, just clearing my throat
Trish Tilby: ... Alexander Summers, aka Havok. We're going to roll the footage from that day. Lets take a look.

Polaris: There is a perfectly reasonable explanation for that, Trish.
Trish Tilby: Well why don't you explain it for those watching at home.
Polaris: I had been possessed by a non-corporeal psychic entity who, once she had possessed me, became a solid necklace that I could not remove.
[Somewhere Linda Kwan face-palms]
Trish Tilby: Em.....could you elaborate Lorna?

Things don't seem to be going to so well for Polaris so far. If you want to read more about just what exactly Polaris is talking about here check out the first article for Magnetrix March, on the villainous marauder Malice.


Next up we have a woman who despite her young age has lived an extraordinary life, super hero, role model, princess, government agent, jilted bride and now she is serving as the field leader of the global think tank Serval Industries first foray into super humans, Lorna Dane AKA Polaris, Leader of X-Factor will be here to address those controversial reports about her past right after this commercial break....

[During Commercial]
Polaris: Jesus Linda, Jilted bride, I don't know about this.
Linda Kwan: Well Lorna someone has to do this interview because someone has an extremely chequered past and someone's chequered past has been an absolute nightmare for someone else to deal with.........
Polaris: Okay, okay it's just how do I explain all this stuff?
Linda Kwan: Look you just say----
Intern: We're back Ms Dane.
Polaris: Shit. Okay wish me luck Trish.
Linda Kwan: Good luck [Crosses fingers]

Yikes we will have to wait and see how Polaris gets on with her interview over MAGNETRIX MARCH. Check back every week during the month for an update on the X-Men's mysterious green haired beauty.


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